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Cyclone Ampan with Coronavirus (COVID-19) seems to destroy Eid joy: Stinging blow on the Die

Md. Shabbir Hasan Poet guru Rabindranath  said if nobody involves hearing your call, walk alone. God has created us and send us during this world alone. Again, we've to go away alone from this world. But during this between, we've to struggle and face the challenge of the many artificial and natural disasters. The sorrows and joys come by turns but sometimes just one comes continuously. That’s the fate of life. Pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19) may be a great epidemic everywhere the planet has disrupted public life. People are hungry for food and workless, panic with the future. At an equivalent time  the large cyclone Ampan attacked the south Asian country Bangladesh a couple of days ago. This cyclone attacked the Coastal region of South a part of Bangladesh. There’s no limit to their sorrow. This is often the  nuisance of Corona, the torment of Hurricane Ampan on him. Most of the people on the south coast, including Barisal, are now lost in these two disaster

Coronavirus(COVID-19)Impact on world Economy: Still optimistic about the 2020 market

Md. Shabbir Hasan The capital of the whole  world of 60 -80% is accumulated to the five to ten persons among about 600 crore people. If we think deeply, it is out of imagination. But it is facts and figures. It may be God gift on them, or they are an extreme talent to achieve this asset. Maybe anyone is correct or both are correct. Anyway, I don't want to go there and discuss that. At the same time similarly, the world economy is also limited to the world giant two to five countries and depends only on them. It is very clearing to say that the pandemic coronavirus(COVID-19) is a great epidemic all over the world. The disrupted public life of the world. The people of the world become perplexed. The world has stopped almost. Agriculture, trade, commerce, production, and related to all other financing activities are almost stopped. But life is not  stopped for its natural reasons like hungry and have to move for this. Because necessity knows no law. The economy of th

Development does not mean high-rise buildings, and big things: Travel story

Md. Shabbir Hasan  We have studied  in our childhood memories or in our school life, the parts of the resting work is tied together, the part of the eye is like the leaf of the eye. In fact, this was an emotion. I wrote always mixing my own emotion to write emotions. When I have grown up and entered into the job life or professional life, the travel seems to me as a rest in the gap of job work. I really enjoy the travel much when I get a good gap with my family. So a travel story which I performed in abroad but my 2nd living country for the sake of the profession. There is a mind-blowing song  in Bengali, Mother, I haven't seen you for a long time, and no one to come to Manik's chest like you. I remembered mother much suddenly, and The inside of the chest rumbled.  I went to  Bangladesh with my family to see the old father, who was living in the green ceremony in the green environment of the village, to see his mother lying under the ground, and to see everyone aro

Coronavirus (COVID-19) tailored to a Noncontinuous Digital Public Life: Abandon Mounted Ideas.

Md. Shabbir Hasan Pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19)  goes on as an excellent epidemic. Henceforth, to put in writing until currently this writing, about 3,30,000 folks died( 21/05/2020) everywhere on the planet. This can be increasing day by day a bit like a cricket match score. Not any fun however matter of nice sorrows due world folks' dieing every day. These folks aren't remote from the U.S.A. instead of they're our loved one, close relatives, neighbors, society folks, and finally the planet society. In our eyes, everyday folks dieing however we are able not to do something. Even once the serial of mine comes no one is aware of it. However, the fight for survival goes on.  There area  unit ton of rules, regulations, and disciplines for that like keep home, maintain social or physical distance, wash your hand properly, wear mask once outside, sneeze your cough several and lots of and plenty of many restriction. What number tryings' area unit for survi

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Herd Immunity for Reality — Global Context, and Bangladesh: Look before you Leap

Md. Shabbir Hasan  Coronavirus(COVID-19) is a great pandemic now all over the world. We are now more familiar with this and also have a bitter experience of this. The world has stopped for this and has become disoriented to recover this. There are many types of treatments that are in process in many developed countries and waiting for the final treatment with the decision. Treatment is required much essentially, but we have to check and examine the possibility, stability, longevity, and future side effects of this before implementation. We must consider the short term and long-term effects of the treatment. This is not any trial game or fun but this is the matter of lives. As human beings and learned medical science scholars will take care of this for the best. Coronacalin  One word that is often uttered during this terrible time is ‘Herd Immunity’. 'Hard' means 'herd', so 'herd immunity' refers to the overall 'public immunity' of the peo