Interesting but very simple practice which can save us from Corona virus: Brush your teeth often.

Md. Shabbir Hasan

All over the world, we can say that most of the people take a brush of their teeth every day regularly to protect their teeth from different kinds of diseases. They are doing this because they know that it should be done otherwise they will lose their teeth early.

Before knowing anything, everything feels hard and mysterious to us. But when after discovering the matter, it becomes straightforward and simple to all. We know that we all are much panic with pandemic about Coronavirus all over the world.
In this connection, in fact, every single simple knowing which is very important for all of us to protect from coronavirus. Brushing of teeth is our almost regular phenomenon of mostly.

The matter of interest is the brushing of teeth which can help prevent the spread of coronavirus with a vital role to general people, and especially doctors, nurses, and others who work directly with corona patients.
So this is very essential to know how and who discovered this.

Professor Martin Addy, a British dentist, claims that toothpaste is helpful in destroying coronavirus. He claims that toothpaste works to prevent coronavirus infection in the mouth and to destroy the virus in the mouth.
Martin Addy, an emeritus professor in the Department of Dentistry at the University of Bristol, thinks brushing teeth at the right time can prevent coronavirus infection.

He said that if coronavirus gets in the mouth a few hours before brushing, it will be removed by the effect of toothpaste. Similarly, it is possible to prevent infection even after brushing.

For this reason, he advises to brush before and after leaving the house. According to him, three to five hours of brushing can prevent corona infection. Similarly, if the virus is in the mouth three to five hours before brushing, it will be destroyed.

He added that the coronavirus spreads from person to person in the form of droplets through sneezing and coughing. That is why it is possible to keep the virus away only by brushing and keeping the hands and face clean.

The British dentist added that there is talk of repeated hand washing to avoid coronavirus. Toothpaste also contains corona removal ingredients. Toothpaste is effective in keeping the mouth virus free.

In fact, we do not have to take any additional activities to brush our teeth, just to do often. This is a very important measure among all measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus due it may live in our mouth. So there is not any negligence to obey and regarding this awareness.

Do thyself and request to others. Let’s start if still pending for a beautiful future, and for a healthy world.


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