Coronavirus (COVID-19) — the science of panic: Science comes after nature with Result.

Md. Shabbir Hasan

Is science a blessing, or a curse? There are thousands of logic in favor and disfavor of this. We have studied this topic for essay writing in our childhood or in school life. We know many uses and abuses of this topic. Nature always maintains its own rule and keep away. There is no wrong in this. Science learns from nature and so comes after nature. Nature is not against anyone ever. How much respect of science shows to nature, nature also the same as science. So in a word, it can be said that nature is for the welfare of the world if not the science work against it. After discovering coronavirus (COVID-19), the science and scientists are in a big pressure to invent the antidote for the get recovery of world people from this pandemic.

Corona is now the main topic of discussion around the globe. Many things about this virus are unknown to scientists. The virus first appeared on the human body in December 2019 in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. The germs spread rapidly there. Infected from one human body to the body of others. Nurses, doctors were not left out. The rate of coronary heart disease has increased mathematically. It is manifested in the human body with symptoms of cough, fever, and severe shortness of breath. Taking into account these symptoms of the disease, the Chinese health workers tried to treat it is in various ways. Great doctors. China is a developed country. They are now an economic superpower, dominating the world market for raw materials and commodities. The Chinese government has taken all possible measures to deal with this delicate situation to maintain its dominance in the world market. Attempts and tactics all fail. The death row has longed.

Coronavirus is now a terror among people all over the world. Corona fears. The advanced communication system of the modern age has made any part of the world globe. Everyone. At this age, people have breakfast in one, country, and lunch in the other, lunch in the other country and dinner at the other end of the world. The global travel of people across the borders of their country to meet business needs, and food of the mind has made Corona global. Currently, it is an epidemic. It has spread from Hubei to other provinces in China. Coronavirus has spread across the borders of China, Korea, Japan, Italy, Iran, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Australia, Africa, the United States, Canada, and all over the world. In the words of US President Donald Trump, it is a Chinese virus!
Everyone, irrespective of caste, creed and creed, be terrified of the virus spreading globally. Ordinary or VIP. 

German Chancellor Angela Merkel voluntarily went to quarantine for two weeks. His doctor was infected with the coronavirus, and he might be carrying the corona. Corona's presence was not found on the body of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, but he was admitted to a two-week cottage quarantine. Trudeau's wife, Sophie Trudeau, had contracted the coronavirus and now get recovered. Prince Charles and the Australian Home Minister are also in the team. Famous Harvard University President. Baco himself was infected with Covid-19. The epidemic has already affected sixty lakh people. As I write this, the death toll has exceeded 3, 20,000.

This number is increasing rapidly. A state of emergency or lockdown has been declared in the country. Hopefully, the situation in China, Korea, Singapore is improving now. Kovid-19 has no antidote. There is no specific medicine. There have been many such epidemics in human history throughout the ages. Plague, smallpox, Spanish flu, Asian flu, swine flu, malaria, leprosy. Researchers have worked day and night to overcome the terrible epidemics of the past by working day and night in the pursuit of science, and human welfare. The treatment of all complex diseases has come with therapy, drugs, and vaccines.

Coronavirus of Covid-19 disease was unknown in modern medicine. But scientists still do not sit still. Many talented people from Japan, Germany, America, China, Canada, Australia, Korea and many other countries have come forward. They are working day and night in the laboratory. Intoxicated by discovery. To save human civilization. Some good results have already come into the research. Clinical trials have already been taking place somewhere. Vaccines or drugs must be made to save lives. It is a matter of hope that already been done but waiting for final implementation due verification-sorting is in process. Perhaps that day is not far away.

According to Japan's Mainichi newspaper (March 18), the asthma control drug, Alvesco was administered to 19 Kovid patients in Kanagawa prefecture. They claim that the drug works to control inflammation in the corona and prevent the spread of the virus. Remediation used to treat the Ebola virus has also been applied as a part of a joint effort by several countries for clinical trials. It was originally given to dying patients and did not result in their death. The results of a group of Chinese researchers using chloroquine, a malaria drug, were somewhat promising for some patients with Covid-19 in Wuhan, China. According to CNN (March 19, 2020), chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine drugs have been used experimentally for the same purpose in other countries, including the United States.

But these tests have not yet matched the evidence of satisfactory results in the human body. In a press briefing, US President Trump said that Chloroquine has been cleared by the FDA for use in the treatment of the new coronavirus. However, researchers around the world are engaged in detailed research in the hope of better results. Science must succeed in making antidote.

Bangladesh is now trapped in this global epidemic. The need for social distance in the eyes of the common man is called into question when the responsible people wear masks and hold press conferences with the forces to create public awareness to prevent the onslaught of the virus. Masks alone cannot save people from coronavirus. The virus is so small that it can easily pass through a simple mask and enter the airways and mouth. The germs will spread from one person to another by mixing with sneezing-coughing liquid particles. Therefore, to prevent the spread of germs in healthy people, the patient needs a mask more. In addition, using the same mask for a long time increases the risk of infection. It is not righting to have crowds of people at press conferences, offices, markets, stations, and vehicles during these difficult times. It is very important to avoid crowds of people as far as possible by keeping a distance of three feet, avoiding handshakes and hugs.

It is very important to clean your hands frequently with soap. Available soaps will be more effective than hand sanitizers. Clothes worn outside the house should be kept as clean as possible. Mobile phones, laptops, and keyboards should be kept sterile. Before returning from work, you need to wash your hands well and take a nice bath. It is not righting to panic over the shortage of masks and hand sanitizers in the market, as per the demand. Several educational institutions have come forward in Bangladesh to make hand sanitizers. Commendable initiative. However, it is straightforward to make - a mixture of alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and glycerin.

In this country of a huge population, it is impossible to meet the needs of the people by making it in the laboratory. Ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol are highly flammable substances and should not be tried at home. The people of the country was somewhat reassured to know there is enough preparation to deal with Kovid-19. Inadequate test kits, PPE, quarantine are mentioned in the news today. To become a Nawabzada. But it is not righting to lose courage. The big developed countries are also suffering from this epidemic. All the people of the country should perform their duties properly in their respective places without panicking in this catastrophe, without spreading any rumors. Obey the law. Stay at home do not spread the disease. Good luck to you — Bangladesh and dear people. Good luck you — the world and dear people.

Different types of antidote will get very soon hopefully all over the world. But we should obey the guideline of the World Health Organization, and our local health organization to get ourselves healthy and sound. We know well that prevention is better than cure. Moreover, we respect and follow our religions about the nature. Because nature is created for the well-being of humans. We shall never be good keep thyself against nature, but straightforward to keep calm living with nature. Again best of luck my world-love you.


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