Coronavirus (COVID-19) tailored to a Noncontinuous Digital Public Life: Abandon Mounted Ideas.

Md. Shabbir Hasan

  • Pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19) goes on as an excellent epidemic. Henceforth, to put in writing until currently this writing, about 3,30,000 folks died( 21/05/2020) everywhere on the planet. This can be increasing day by day a bit like a cricket match score. Not any fun however matter of nice sorrows due world folks' dieing every day. These folks aren't remote from the U.S.A. instead of they're our loved one, close relatives, neighbors, society folks, and finally the planet society. In our eyes, everyday folks dieing however we are able not to do something. Even once the serial of mine comes no one is aware of it. However, the fight for survival goes on. 

  • There area unit ton of rules, regulations, and disciplines for that like keep home, maintain social or physical distance, wash your hand properly, wear mask once outside, sneeze your cough several and lots of and plenty of many restriction. What number tryings' area unit for survival during this constant world. However, somebody can go and somebody can exist by turns a bit like a lottery. Anyway, during this running epidemic we've already done several adaptations to survive and every day is doing new adaptation to survive.

  • As a result we all know that survival is the best. The planet is stopped with several restrictions. Office, court, business-commerce, school, colleges, universities, and every alternative communication area unit off for this epidemic. Even once most, the heartbeat of life isn't stopped. Therefore, to save lots of life, the people area unit making several adaptations everywhere on the planet at their own position in any manner. The doctor who determined patients simply once suffering from diseases. However he conjointly frightened of the epidemic. 

  • The doctor currently feels patients by over phone or by online to dictate. This can be an adaptation for doctors with patients. The patients' area unit typically helpless to doctor due doctors hold no liabilities to patients in developing countries wherever there's no force on doctor on behalf of the presidency. Currently, many times, the doctor is incredibly rare to receive treatment due they're out of reach anyway. Some doctors or some business health institutes who are giving us the online or teleservice due to them.

  • The business-like readying clothes, manufacturing business, and trade business all area unit adapting their business with clients in any manner like online, phoning or any thanks to survive. The essential services or business like a pharmaceutical company, foods and daily uses product business is incredibly stern during this epidemic. In a word, most of the cases everyone seems to be attempting to accommodate thyself. There area unit some institutes or people who area unit additional straightforward, honest, and sincere area unit suffering for wish of running their business while not no additional.

  • The world is sort of confined to the pc screen. The reference to the skin is with this pc, the remainder is the world of imagination. Even then I see a bit little bit of real folks, generally, I see what is going on the outside. I used to be dismayed to check it with my very own eyes! Therefore, even from imprisonment, I will see what I will write during a hurry from time to time.

  • Three, or four days past, within the evening, I detected the shibboleth during a hurry, the shibboleth of not property the blood of anyone brother come in vain. I looked out of the window and saw the procession rummaging the road ahead people, ahead of the procession there was a bed carrying a dead body, the bed within the semi-darkness appeared empty with 20-25 folks. They're vocalizing slogans. I ran to the roof, the procession was lost within the curve, seeking revenge for my brother's blood. I did not even understand my brother's name, I did not understand if there was a brother within the bed.

  • A number of days past I used to be sleeping within the morning, Selim referred to as. The gentlemen in the flat just below us are leaving the house. Going home with everything. Already gone, before the imprisonment starts. Currently, taking all of the things. I don't understand once you can come back. There's no guarantee that you just are going to be ready to come back in any respect. They came to check if they might leave their lounge in our house. He aforesaid that within the next six months or eight months we tend to have to be compelled to lodge in home. We tend to could not facilitate as a result we tend to do not have a house in our house. They may have taken the road to the village with the lounge. For several years, families have come back to the national capital and settled here. After many, many years, perhaps once ages, folks going back to their original areas outside the national capital. The incident isn't solely happening in our flat below, it's happening everywhere national capital.

  • There area unit numerous discussions happening whether or not there'll be online varsity categories or not. However, the majority of large colleges in the national capital area unit taking categories online. Fast is meant to be closed, however, the categories area unit still happening. Strange things' happening there. I do not wish to criticize them, I need to respect goodwill. Simply share a funny truth. I am telling this incident from the info of many huge colleges. Within the English version of these colleges, the sirs won’t teach in Bengali within the earlier categories. Students want to write in English as shortly as they browse in Bengali, this can be really English version. But currently that they're taking categories online, the identity of the English version of their teacher is going in hassle. 

  • Within the English version, it's purported to take categories in English. Currently, several area unit observance from outside, observance principals, observance oldsters, observance college committees, even others' observance public videos. They're forced to require categories in English. He is not won't speak English. Most of them area unit strange English students, virtually none of them perceive.

  • The price of chicken has gone up a lot, broiler chicken is now Rs 185 per kg. It was between 110-30 rupees for a long time. For those of us who ignore all fears, who know what fear is, eating broiler chicken is a problem for them. Fish is not available in the market. If you don't wake up before ten in the morning, those who have changed the circadian cycle and taken the body clock to sleep during the day, this is also a problem for them.

  • Even before the lockdown started I reduced going out. And after the lockdown, I went only a few times, but only to market. When I go to the market, there is always an urgent market, the market list has toiletries, rice-pulses, fish-meat, sometimes even sour yogurt, but never coke. There are no other soft drinks. As a result, I never think of buying coke. Today, I went to a super shop on the next street as there are many packaged items on the list. Taking everything in a cart to the supermarket, I looked at Coke and remembered that I hadn't eaten Coke for at least two months. Maybe 15 more days, maybe I ate once in early March as far as I can remember. I have lived a very healthy life for so long. I took a bottle. After Iftar, I suddenly remembered that I was bringing Coke today. I found out that it was not kept in the fridge. I chilled it for a while and took a sip. Honestly, I just like coke, but I never imagined that it feels so good to eat coke. It seemed like a delicious drink today. Even if the lockdown goes up. You can't eat coke every day. Coke should be taken at least once every two weeks to get this taste. Those who have not been drinking Coke for a long time due to lockdown, you can try once.
  • What is happening around, all the trees are being cut down in Teachers Students Centre (TSC), University of Dhaka, people are lying in front of Medical University (BSMMU). People are giggling like a procession at Shimulia Ghat, people's representatives are being fired in various places for stealing relief, and even today, it has been seen that a woman MP has been sacked.

  • The murder of engineer Sikandar. In our country, most of the government officials who are in charge of the project have to go through a lot of pressure. Think, this is a project worth hundreds of crores of rupees, no contractor gets work in these projects, none of you know. None of you should be unaware of how honestly these contractors work, and how much of a loophole they look for. So, the officials who look after these things have to deal with these people. This is the officer-engineer, what is their life salary? It is not likely to be more than three or four crore rupees. If you calculate, it will be less. So that guy has to handle these multi-billion dollar projects, and the identity of the contractors of those projects is not unknown to anyone. If the bank rate also captures the profit of the contractor, which is the minimum as a business, the contractor should earn Rs.

  • Managing stress in the place of such a huge profit or being a part of corruption by bowing down, judging from two aspects, one can understand why corruption is easy. Some officers stood in those places, trying to cope with the pressure. Get transferred, or get punished. Engineer Sikandar managed to stay on the side of the country and died like a novel. Those who can remember Shahidul Zaheer's novel Abu Ibrahim's Death at once, can drop it in lockdown if they have the chance.

  • Our engineers, our officers actually have to live in a world. But the engineers should have had a strong protest in this case. Like doctors, if someone insults the intern doctor in their realm, everyone goes on strike, the inability of engineers to make such a strong protest would be too bad for the future, too bad. These will not actually happen by writing justice on Facebook or with banners on the profile. In the future, if you don't give a regular sign to all other engineers now, Sikandar's face will unknowingly come out. I don't know if there will be a trial for the murder of engineer Sikandar, there is little hope in the context of Bangladesh. But if there is no protest now, the incident will not be a good memory for all other engineers, but its impact will be far-reaching.

  • I wanted to write some nonsense. I didn't think I would write such a heavy thing at the end. Engineer Sikandar, who was on the side of the country, not only wants a fair trial for his murder, but also an example.

  • Lastly, I want to say a word after many words that we cannot change anything if we want to change. This is never really just for adaptation for a time being. Real-life and virtual life is far different always. We can do all thing for the necessity of time, but never for the whole time. Nature sometimes makes the world to do bound something for learnings of people.

  • This is the nature of nature. So if we learn and care about that, we can get rid of many disruptions and disasters in our lifetime. The epidemic has taught the people of the world many things if we can realize. So, we can avoid which is forbidden for the welfare of mankind from God and do much which is to be obeyed from God to us. We love each other, share food with each other, avoid pride to thyself, and well behave to each other with honesty and integrity. The world will return in peace and normal situation with its own natural beauty that expectation of all.


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