Cyclone Ampan with Coronavirus (COVID-19) seems to destroy Eid joy: Stinging blow on the Die

Md. Shabbir Hasan

Poet guru Rabindranath said if nobody involves hearing your call, walk alone. God has created us and send us during this world alone. Again, we've to go away alone from this world. But during this between, we've to struggle and face the challenge of the many artificial and natural disasters. The sorrows and joys come by turns but sometimes just one comes continuously. That’s the fate of life. Pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19) may be a great epidemic everywhere the planet has disrupted public life. People are hungry for food and workless, panic with the future.

At an equivalent time the large cyclone Ampan attacked the south Asian country Bangladesh a couple of days ago. This cyclone attacked the Coastal region of South a part of Bangladesh. There’s no limit to their sorrow.

This is often the nuisance of Corona, the torment of Hurricane Ampan on him. Most of the people on the south coast, including Barisal, are now lost in these two disasters. Nobody during this region features a place to measure now, nobody has food reception. During this situation, this Eid seems to possess become 'no' for them.

Like the remainder of the country, Barisal has been during a coma for the last two months. As of Sunday, 339 people are infected with the virus within the department. Seven of them died. On Wednesday, May 20, cyclone Ampan hit the southern region including Barisal.

Titu Mridha of Dakshin Jagua village in Barisal Sadar Upazila said, ‘Houses were damaged flooding. Harper tidal water within the house-door floor spread. There’s no place like cooking. Or, is there any longer Eid? '

According to the knowledge received from the administration, 49,000 mud houses are destroyed in six districts of Barisal division. Of these, 38,629 houses were partially damaged and 11,748 houses were completely damaged. Five people are killed within the official storm. As a person, this number is 7.

Dakshin Jagua village in Barisal Sadar is situated at the mouth of Bishkhali and Kalijira rivers. Visiting this village last Friday, it had been seen that a number of the 30-35 houses don't have a kitchen, some have a veranda, and some don't have much of a front room. The ground of the home is muddy in tidal water. The stove is wet and broken. The road is gone. For this reason, 15-16 families need to take many turns to succeed in the most road.

Shamim Huda of this village said, ‘The shed on the verandah of the house has been blown away. There’s no condition to cook because the home is submerged in water. We’ve nothing to mention about Eid. '

Ampan has affected Taltoli Upazila on the shores of the Bay of Bengal in Barguna. Many villages here are ravaged by storms. Ful Vanu, a widow of Pazrabhanga village in Taltoli. The storm has snatched the place out of his head. She said, ‘Dad, I even have nothing but a little house. Alas! Undone. Where am I able to stay, what I can do, I can not say anything. Fish enclosure damaged by cyclone. New Vaijora village, Taltali, Barguna. Abu Jor (45), a fisherman on the isolated Dhalchar Island in Char Fashion Upazila of Prothom Alovola. The storm blew away his house. He said that after the storm stopped, they took shelter within the broken house with their families.

Such is that the case of Asia Begum (50), a resident of the Char Shahjalal area of Lalmohan Upazila. She said the family of six, including her husband and youngsters, was in turmoil. The entire house was destroyed by the storm. They’re not during a position to feel the enjoyment of Eid during a chaotic world.

According to the administration, most of the homes were damaged within the storm in Barisal district. 24 thousand 470 houses were damaged here. Of these, there are 18,320 partial and 6,160 complete houses. Since then more houses are damaged in Patuakhali. 10 thousand 448 houses are damaged during this district. Of these, 6,121 were partially damaged and three, 354 were completely damaged. About 10,000 houses are damaged in Barguna. 1,932 damaged houses in Bhola. 465 houses are damaged in Jhalokati. Initially, 2,300 houses were damaged in Pirojpur.

When asked, in-charge of the Divisional Disaster room, said many of us are suffering from the Corona. They were already being given relief assistance. More people are affected by Ampan. They’re being given food aid from the district administration on an emergency basis. The complete list of victims has been sent to headquarters for necessity. If the allocation comes from there, more relief assistance including house construction is going to be given.

If you've got something, say you've got all thing. If you do not admit, god will snatch your something and be become full poor. The above facts which have taught us that. The affected peoples are much grateful to god then, they prayed in standing water at Eid day. We should never be frustrated and break down in any danger. Because there's without stopping of happiness and also of sorrows. We should always bear in mind that the starting starts from the end which is far strong. God bless us all.


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