Development does not mean high-rise buildings, and big things: Travel story

Md. Shabbir Hasan 

  • We have studied in our childhood memories or in our school life, the parts of the resting work is tied together, the part of the eye is like the leaf of the eye. In fact, this was an emotion. I wrote always mixing my own emotion to write emotions. When I have grown up and entered into the job life or professional life, the travel seems to me as a rest in the gap of job work. I really enjoy the travel much when I get a good gap with my family. So a travel story which I performed in abroad but my 2nd living country for the sake of the profession.
  • There is a mind-blowing song in Bengali, Mother, I haven't seen you for a long time, and no one to come to Manik's chest like you. I remembered mother much suddenly, and The inside of the chest rumbled. 
  • I went to Bangladesh with my family to see the old father, who was living in the green ceremony in the green environment of the village, to see his mother lying under the ground, and to see everyone around the country. Those days were spent in a different kind of joy.
  • When I came back and started a busy life. In the city of Toronto, where the crowds are all struggling to make ends meet, the position may still be at the forefront. This is because there is a lot of work to be done for the livelihood of the dependent children without parents. However, in the meanwhile, you have to find so much leisure.
  • Summer in the land of ice is one of nature's greatest gifts to life. Employees have about a week off. And the school is closed for two weeks. Last year, on Christmas day 2019, I drove 600 kilometers. I went near Bangladeshi geniuses in Maryland. So the US expatriate could not respond to the invitation of Dr. Sishir, a university friend living in Michigan.
  • Toronto received a lot of snow this November. Even in early December. And the temperature is sometimes minus 20 degrees Celsius. Occasional sudden temperature inconsistencies. The freezing point goes up to 5-10 degrees Celsius.
  • Although there is no problem in clearing the ice around, the human body loses some natural balance. In the midst of this riddle of the weather, I decided to go to Michigan with great enthusiasm. I will see all the other places of interest including Detroit with the light shining. There will always be curious children. I can't always answer thousands of questions. That's why I know very little. There is no lack of interest though. Two.
  • I chose that Christmas day in my pre-plan for the trip. When people who are long-distance travelers arrive at the destination and spend the Christmas holidays with the nearest people, we will proceed smoothly in the empty road. Souvenir shopping and all the preparations spent the previous day uncomfortably. The night's sleep also came late.
  • 10:30 in the morning. I packed a few bags of daily necessities, and put them in the car. The fear of warming up the car came true. A small defect in the pipe that causes an unnecessary gas to escape from the engine. In this salty winter environment, the long metal pipe has eroded a bit. It is a land of ice, on slippery roads a lot of salt is sprinkled. Salt corrosive material.

  • Canadian Undmill
  • I do not give up. That's not a bad thing at all. Drew decided to take Toyota's small car. Toyota of Japan is a symbol of dependence on automobiles. Fuel consumption is also low. The clock strikes exactly 11 o'clock in the afternoon. The journey begins. The eastern boundary of Scarborough. A team of five. Curious with parents are three children, including two school-age sisters and their 'khukuri' little brother Aiman. The only job of this youngest member is to make the house chaotic. In the words of the sisters, 'This is a lot of Kahuku business.”
  • My wife Salma is the 'Home Minister' of this family. His decision in everything is final. But if she is with her husband, she will not sit in the driver's seat. As always, I am the main driver. Rare fog that day in Toronto. It didn't snow. I am driving fast through the hard heart of Highway 401. Just past Mississauga, I saw lots of cars on the road. Not empty. He proved his point wrong.
  • Proper planning is needed before doing anything. The benefits are available. Not happening today. Twice breaks before and after London. All shops in the locality are closed. Trust only Tim Horton, and OnRout. People in North America are big weird. You can't waste two minutes at home making coffee, but they enjoy spending time in long lines for a cup of coffee from Tim Horton.
  • The funny thing is different. Some people enjoy traveling, others find it unbearable. I can drive for hours without coffee, and Salma falls asleep one day with the steering wheel in hand while moving. I have found out the reason. She is a mother. After completing the analysis of the properties of all the pyrophoric (highly combustible) complex compounds, he handles all the work back home from the office. She cooks, teaches children, entertains them.
  • Sometimes I think she is a robot. Bidhata has created her with special qualities with a lot of care in his own hands. Thanks to Bidhata, Guni has added this woman to my life. 'Ambassador Bridge', Canada-US friendship.

  • Passing London, I am enjoying the beautiful nature with the soft touch of the golden sun. I feel bored then Buck's brother's favorite song 'Hawa me ur yay'. I miss Humayun Ahmed very much. He is a chemist. Myself. But he has not given any juice for Bengali speakers. He has changed the definition of literature by presenting simple words in a very beautiful way.
  • We are moving west with Highway 401 at a speed of 100-115 km per hour like a severe storm. Here the maximum validity of speed is 100 kilometers per hour. Police tickets and punishment for most patrols. The level of punishment depends on the amount of the crime how high the speed is, whether it is intoxicated, whether it is in accordance with the rules. Usually the police give concessions for more than 10-15 km.
  • Although there is a police problem with the speed of the car, the speed of the wind helps in the development of civilization. The contribution of science. The vast wind farm on both sides of the 100-kilometer stretch of this highway stretches from Midtown to Tilbury to Undjour, Canada's largest wind farm. Hundreds of windmills are being used to generate electricity using wind energy.
  • About 8-10 percent of Ontario's electricity demand comes from wind power. About thirteen thousand megawatts of electricity are generated in Canada from this wind. It is clean energy. Burning coal does not emit carbon dioxide into nature. Do not mix its toxic waste in nature to get nuclear power. Clean energy is a huge blessing in disguise.
  • When I reached Undjar, it was about 4 o'clock. It is the border town of Canada. Pretty big. Hour break to visit here. I called Rumon. In the hope that I will meet him and look around the window. University vacation, so, he is in London, Ontario with his uncle. Not seen again. This talented student of BUET is now studying at the University of Windsor. This Rumon is the son of Tofik Sir, the favorite English teacher of the college. If no one comes, let's go alone. Not finding anyone else there, we toured the city.
  • The Detroit River flows through this city. The river connects Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair. Eye-catching views from both sides. From here I saw the busiest international crossing 'Ambassador Bridge' in North America. The length of this bridge which is about one is hundred years old is 2.3 km. The Canadian commercial city of Windsor on the one hand, and Detroit in the United States on the other. Keeping the economies of the two countries afloat. These two cities on both sides are known as the capital of cars for their respective countries. Due to its aesthetic beauty, and commercial importance, it attracts a lot of tourists every day. ***In the light of the Renaissance Center
  • Due to my interest in research, I was not able to suppress the addiction of visiting educational institutions, and also went to the University of Windsor. Good university. Many students from Bangladesh also come here to study. Schoolgirls Nabiha and Nashita also ran around the campus with great enthusiasm. Earlier, they visited many places in the University of Toronto and took up the idea of higher education. I have not forgotten the memory of that world-renowned research institute 'NIH' which I saw a year ago. Three.
  • Impressions are gained in a fluid, global, diffused way. As it is a holiday that teams Horton is the main hope here too. I bought fresh coffee, donuts, and timber. Immigration to Detroit, Michigan, then across the 'Ambassador Bridge'. After checking his passport for a minute, the officer said, "Enjoy the holidays in America." By the time the sunset, it was quite dark. Millions of lights flickering around in the darkness of the night seemed to be our warm welcome in Michigan
  • Friend Sumon's voice reached the destination in Riverview town after another twenty-five minutes ahead of Highway 75. 'Aicha's Tora, any'. He is, a few generations of him in Dhaka. Dhakaiya pole(boy). He grew up in an aristocratic and well-educated family. The houses in this residential area in Riverview are much bigger. The special lighting in the front of his huge house may have been set for us at Bhabi's suggestion.
  • Huge arrangement of food. They are the result of the incessant suffering from mother and mother-in-law. After eating and chatting, I went out to see Downtown Detroit at night. All two families in two cars. Crowds of people flocked to the Renaissance Center even though it was close to midnight. This extra crowd for Christmas. I look at all the different lighting.
  • All the skyscrapers of the Renaissance Center are owned by General Motors, a well-known car company in the United States. The big ice rink is the main attraction on the island of Milnemela with many streets. Children of all ages are skating there. Joy among all.
  • Return home with boundless joy. When everyone else fell asleep, the two friends spent the rest of the night chatting. And the story. The next day, I naturally woke up late. Two-year-old Abir and the whole house walk here. And knocking on toys. Like Tom and Jerry. Leaving Riverview City, in the morning we visited the nearby town of Trenton and ‘Groz El Island’.
  • Trenton seemed to faint. Today there is a quiet silence in the workplace full of the noise of thousands of working people. The buildings are lying dead. Also a big hospital. All the big houses of three to eight thousand square feet on the Continent Groz El Island with only two bridges along the mainland. Everything is tidy. Very beautiful.
  • Laughing people in the town of Frankenmuth Later in the afternoon, we had a different time in the distant German town of Frankenmuth. The biggest Christmas underland in the world is there. Without mentioning the two-hour journey in advance, the wise friend just said 'nice' to take us there. The city of Frankenmuth is filled with beautiful works of art created by talented engineers. I look at the crowd of tourists. This city did not look beautiful in the light of different colors at night! There are many horse-drawn carriages in the cold.
  • Happiness in everyone. Hang out again at night. Sitting at home through home theater and huge projector and watching movies till late at night. Friendship while studying at Dhaka University. Sumon has a lot to know in advance. I learned a lot about the story today. As talented as he is, he is sociable. Dad was a cadet student. The family has grown up under strict rules. Attentive students always. The number of friends before going to university is very low. First-class in both B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Applied Chemistry. Sweden for higher education. While doing my Masters in Engineering there, I was amazed to hear about his difficult life struggle. Suddenly anxious to compare with yourself.
  • She didn't want to hurt her parents, so she worked at McDonald's all night. Study during the day. No work is trivial. Experience comes inconvenient. You have to mix with people to survive in society. A lot is known. It can be prepared for the future. The intoxication of work has given this man the happiness he deserves today. He holds a Ph.D. in the United States and works for a large number of well-known companies. He is also a pioneer in sports. Michigan plays a role in helping native students.
  •  There is pure joy in travel. Society, country, abroad is known. Past and present. The future can also be seen from the interest of people in science and the trend of development. Skyscrapers are all big buildings, and the flashing of countless colors doesn't mean development. First of all, spreading education and research among the people is development.
  • You need to open the closed door and get out of your confines, and see nature. To learn. To save nature. Appreciate the efforts to reduce global warming by generating electricity through windmills by exploiting the open air of open nature on the way to Andujar. The use of talent is needed for improvement. For yourself, for society. Going to Michigan at the invitation of a talented man who doesn't neglect any work. I saw the success of people and society. All feelings extraordinary.
  •  I think that travel is the way of gathering knowledge with pleasure from nature. On the other hand, the culture, and society of different countries of the world be very easily acquired which is more helpful for native countries to be made developed. If I said the word of Great prophet Mohammad(SM), he encouraged all to travel for gathering knowledge if it is long China. God has created the world with its own creative creation of different beauty and art. The travel is the way to see all over the world for both enjoyment and development.
  • If anyone has really read this long text, thanks a lot friends.


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