From the lifetime of a Companion: cannot we tend to provide a very little facilitate to the helpless folks that area unit laid low with the results of Corona from their several positions!

Md. Shabbir Hasan

We all know and live in the Coronavirus (Covid-19) which is a great pandemic all over the world currently. This pandemic is going on from the last few months. The whole world becomes constant and the world finance is facing a big threat. There are about thousands crore of people living all over the world. All are not but a big amount of people in the world are in a great thread with food and livelihood. Already crore of peoples is suffering from hunger, and frustration of future days to be continued.

In fact, these people are not far away from you and me. They are very closed to us all. In such cases, just we are missing to see or take care of them. This is not the very hard work to save them from hunger and their frustration of life. An attitude of sharing and caring with a sympathy and sacrificing mind to remove all sorrows and trouble of those are sufferings much.

This is how society can be happy and be removed from all lacking, there is an exclusive and a great example of a practical story as described below. Just take a wet eyes on the story.

Him, a town next to the Syrian capital, Damascus.
In spite of the World Health Organization is created governor during this town, there's without stopping to the complaints of the citizens! In an exceedingly few days they appealed to the caliph to appoint a higher governor than this man!
Annoyed caliph Hazrat Omar Farooq (R) was killed and began trying to find a worthy governor. World Health Organization is the person against whom the allegations can't be raised? Umayr ibn Sa'd was appointed governor of the town of Hims. At that point he was engaged within the country of Asian country because the commander of jihad. He was one of the beloved companions of the Holy Prophet.

When receiving the order, he hurried to the new geographical point ... It's been a year and no complaints have returned from Hims! The governor didn't write any letter to the caliph and no revenue came!
The astonied caliph summoned Governor Umayr ibn Sa'd with associate degree imperative letter. As before long because the letter was ready! He place the wash pot, and therefore, the plate of food in his daily use bag and began walking towards Medina.

Already growing hair and beard to achieve Medina! Rather, I even have brought my whole world with me.
: I even have water in my bag for drinking and wash, tub bucket, food plates, and jug.
A minimum of I did not go down while not explaining myself initially.
: did not the administration offer you a horse?
: Not given by this administration and that I didn't need.
: Why did not you send the revenue of Baitul Maal?
: reproof people who accustomed collect taxes from totally different areas, I complained regarding the shortage of areas and listed the terribly poor and spent there to assist them

If there was something left to send to the capital, I might undoubtedly send it.
The caliph was joyful to find out about the new technique of correct use of revenue at the native level and asked him to rejoin the party. However, Umayr ibn Sa'd in a well-mannered way came the situation and wished to measure together with his family on the outskirts of Medina.

Caliph Omar Farooq (R) a couple of days later sent Harris, a sure detective of the state, to verify the truth condition of Umayr Ibn Saad (R). He came with a bag of a hundred dinars: If his condition is basically miserable, then introduce yourself and gift this bag as a present to him with my salutation.
The caliph's detective, with the assistance of the locals, reached the door of Umayr ibn Sa'd at some point. Concealing his identity, he prayed for his cordial reception as a person.

Umayr ibn Sa'd (R) welcome the disguised spy and gave him only 1 skinny barley bread to eat for 3 days, and nights!
On the fourth day, a neighbor asked Detective Harris to entertain him at his home.
Harris asked out of curiosity and said: Umayr ibn Sa'd is in nice danger in your presence.
To entertain you, his better half has been drinking solely water for the last 3 days, otherwise, they'd have shared a skinny barley bread nightly ... Detective Harris was finally known himself and bimanual the bag with salutations on behalf of caliph Omar (R).

Once Umayr ibn Sa'd (may God be happy to him) humbly wished to come to back the gift, his better half detected him and said: don't come back the gift. Rather, divide it among people who area unit poor during this region.
The husband and better half didn't build eye contact until the cash was distributed.

Detective Harris shared his expertise with the caliph. The caliph summoned Umayr ibn Sa'd once more. He, too, hurried to the Caliph's court immediately...
The caliph Saturday down next to him and asked: What did you are doing with the dinars, I sent?
: What’s going to happen if you provide ME the coins?
: I urge you, tell ME what did you do?
: I even have saved for myself (probably meant the Hereafter), the day once youngsters and wealth are of no use...

Hazrat Omar Farooq (R) wept and said:
I declare that you just area unit one among those nice folks that, despite being impoverished, place others earlier than themselves. He gave Umayr ibn Sa'd a gift of 60 sa (one sa is three kilos and three hundred grams) of food and a pair of clothes.
Umayr Ibn Saad (R) returned the food saying there is no need! However, he took a dress saying: I am taking it for my wife, because her clothes are torn and she is almost naked...!!

I wonder I have a life of luxury? The biography of Umayr Ibn Saad (R) has embarrassed me tonight.

From the story, if the caliph feels shame for himself what should we be felt of such matters. Please just a little imagination for thyself. We are just concentrated to grow our riches and how to occupy the other and world wealth fully by own. A small life, but we are much busy to increase wealth. No problem but if we dedicate ourselves to help, and care in their crisis, the hungry and the sorrows will cry our neighbors all over the world. Keep thyself good and keep others well, this would be our slogan from now.


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