How way is that the nation ruthless: Coronavirus (Covid-19) and our cruelty?

Md. Shabbir Hasan

Man is a social being. With the joy-sorrows, laughing-crying, and in danger-without danger, everyone can facilitate one another. This is often the natural habit of the creature. An epidemic coronavirus (Covid-19) goes on. Have we already got we tend to show our social being nature to the victim people? We tend to could raise thyself.

In fact, many times, we tend to area unit showing the cruelty rather than humanity. We tend to area unit tuned into the pandemic however generally it goes to cruelty for wish of real humanity data. For the sake of awareness and interference, I will never be inhuman and really dangerous cruel. The cruelty that created us sculpture and happened within the village of a country.

Abdur Rahim (66) fell sick and died. Associate in nursing automobiles entered the house together with his body. Then at eleven o'clock at nighttime. Hearing the sound of the automobile, Rahim's own brother, cousins came out. Neighbors additionally showed up.

No, none of them came to unload the body. Return so nobody will take down the body! Everybody aforementioned in unison, Abdur Rahim died in Corona. His body cannot be buried within the village.

Rahim's better half Khadija and son Nizam cannot make a case for even when attempting once more and once more. Once the bodies were close to be unloaded, the individual's gift attacked them. Khadija started crying. She expressed her highest request with a desire that if there's no place within the village graveyard, she is going to bury her husband in her own land.

No one was affected by Khadija’s tears. On the contrary, excited individuals came and began beating the mother and son. This cluster of 'heroes' needs to shield the village. Straight conversant, the body won't be buried here!
The mother and son drove the automobile to a relative's house in another village. They’re rejected there too. Therefore, it was two o'clock at nighttime. Nizam procured a van. He took his father's body from the automobile and took it to the van. The son is actuation the van, the mother is sitting next to the father's body.

The incident passed at a district in Asian countries. Abdur Rahim's house is in Satuti village of the municipality. When visiting varied villages, the van with Rahim's body stopped ahead of a paddy mahal within the municipality. When the news reached the police office late at nighttime, the police rush to the spot. They visited Satuti village with the body of Abdur Rahim. He organized for the burial of the body therein village.

I don't extremely perceive what country I am living in the world! Imagine for a second you were converse into the karmic driven world of Earl.

I am aghast to imagine this image of a better half or father's body running around all night along with her husband's body.

These cowards of Satuti village can never die? History can bear witness.

Earlier, we tend to additionally detect the utilization of village beds. UN agency is aware of what proportion of additional terrible inhumanity is waiting in front! Did the person or family littered with Corona become the amount one enemy of the country and also the nation?

Cruelty will never be awareness and interference however instead of this is often a mental object. Man is mortal. Everyone can die. Thus, a body cannot be neglected and be rejected to the friary. Coronavirus that is unfolding currently conjointly with none symptom. This is why nobody can say, however, this can attack.

Moreover, any folks either you or I, and he may be attacked and be died of it at any moment. Thus, I cannot neglect you and you furthermore may not me for any victim of the coronavirus. We tend to should regard one another and no-one is aware of what's going to happen tomorrow in fate people. So, we must always bear in mind that man is for man.


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