How will the family? : The fear of survival is worse than the fear of death there….

Md. Shabbir Hasan

Death is never expected to anyone. Death is certain but also everybody fears of this. Sometimes, someone expects death and welcome their own death but this is not normal. This is an exception and exception can never be an example. If some in detail, this kind of death never happiness phenomenon. Sometimes, people expect to die seeing abnormal or many criticalities in life. This may be financial lacking to bear in life, familial unrest, social unrest, political unrest, and sometimes own mental dissatisfaction with imperfection. Any way any exceptional death, we never want in society.

Man is a social being, and they will live with peace with each other in the society. Everybody will share of each sorrows-happiness in any unrest in any situation. The fear of survival is where more than death, it has to realize that how much pathetic the scenario is. The fear is such certainly for a lack of food, the uncertainty of livelihood, lack of social status, and many more. It seems to see many times that death is preferable to dishonor.

In fact, a great pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19) which are creating our life shredded sometimes by losing the only earning person like father or elder brother or mother or anyone. In those cases, we expect death rather than being to live for the fear of hungry and if alive what will our earnings and how. There is a live story narrated as follows for you that happened in Bangladesh in the Asian region.

Jamal Uddin Pathan, the only earner, died five days ago. He was Corona Positive (Covid-19). Except for the youngest two-year-old member of the family, everyone else is positive. She is undergoing treatment at a Government General Hospital in the capital. In addition to the fear of death in Corona, Jamal Uddin’s wife and children are worried about how to spend the days ahead. Jamal Uddin lived with his family in Keraniganj at the riverside of Burigonga. In old Dhaka, Jamal Uddin earned a meager salary by working in a shop selling various products including rice and pulses. There is nothing to say about savings. Although he had little ancestral property in his village at Bhola, he did not build a house. To his wife, two daughters, and two sons, she is even more horrified than Corona, wondering how the days ahead will go.

Jamal Uddin’s daughter Rita Pathan spoke on the phone with the help of a doctor on duty in that appointed hospital. This college girl is the eldest of Jamal Uddin’s children. Rita Pathan also returned from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of that appointed Hospital. She was in the ICU for a few hours with various complications including shortness of breath.
Rita Pathan, and her mother Helena Begum spoke on the telephone. Helena Begum said that she and her 18-year-old daughter Rita, 14-year-old son Mamun and 12-year-old daughter Nushrat were all positive. Only two-year-old son Zaved's corona has come negative. For a few days, Helena Begum did not allow Zaved to approach her.

Zaved's corona is not, but the physical condition is not much better due to lack of care. He did not eat food in the hands of others except his mother. Zaved's grandparents came and took him to Bhola last night.

Helena Begum's physical condition is not so good. She said that sometimes there are various complications including shortness of breath. On the one hand, there is the thought of running a family, on the other hand, there is the thought of when the condition of a child admitted to a hospital becomes worse. The girl returned from the ICU right in front of her eyes. She said, ‘I see darkness in my eyes. Only God knows how to move forward. Luckily I am getting good treatment in this hospital, there is no cost. I don't have anyone, so, I feel like God has sent angels to my family in the guise of a doctor.

‘When Jamal Uddin became more ill, his daughter Rita Pathan ran alone to different hospitals including the number-1 Medical College Hospital in the country. She complained that her father had died without receiving any medical treatment. Jamal Uddin died in the ICU of number-1 Medical College Hospital in the country.

Rita said, ‘With the salary my father received, we could somehow continue our eating and studying. No father now. Mother is sick. I and my other siblings are also sick. I don't know what is waiting for us in the days ahead. We don't even know how it will go. The doctors of the hospital are investigating us. We lived in a small rented house in Keraniganj. I don't know how long we will be able to stay there.

"The family's financial situation is not good," Brigadier General Amirul Islam, director of that appointed renowned government General Hospital, said by telephone. Almost all family members are positive. Not only this family, but all Corona patients are being given free treatment and food. As long as the family is in the hospital, there is nothing to worry about, including medical treatment. We are by the side of the family. But the problem is, how will the family survive after being released from the hospital? The family has a long way to go.

‘Haji Mahmood, the owner of the shop where Jamal Uddin Pathan used to work, was also hospitalized with COVID-19. He has come back from the door of death. He said on the telephone that since he has started a new life, he will stay by the side of Jamal Uddin’s family as much as he can.

The incident and accident that is supposed to happen in any life that will certainly be occurred. Nobody can avoid that. That is fate, and God gifted. Someone obeys or not but have to enjoy the consequences. The responsibilities of the surrounding people is high in such a situation. Only the neighbors or the great people who can console such helpless people or family. They are the angel from God for those people or family. Haji Mahmood like an angel from God for the Jamal Uddin family. 

The angel-like Haji Mahmood for the helpless family is required for the world helpless family. The message is for the inhabitants of the world where Coronavirus (COVID-19) creating thousands of helpless families or individuals.


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