Intellectual trafficking: Ultimate a net loss of the developing homeland.

Md. Shabbir Hasan

The population of a country is its asset. This is only possible when the population can be converted into manpower. Every developed and developing country has some extraordinary intellectuals. They have a big role to go ahead in a country. Many times, and they are also responsible for the progress of a country. It is a matter of sorrow that it almost found that maximum intellectuals of the development of countries all over the world leave their country after completing a certain level of education to the developed country. In fact, this is not any hobby or tradition but some reasons which make them usual. To make yourself as an experience, the writing is for you.

Due to the socio-economic situations, political instability, insecurity, and inadequate opportunities for development, a large section of the talented young generation migrated to developing countries. Growing up and making oneself educated is a lot in the country, but the use of talent is in foreign lands. By using the research, technology, and stability of the developed countries, these geniuses make those countries stronger and more powerful. Giving themselves to the next generation. Losing this promising generation has pushed the development journey of the country, hindered progress, slowed down the pace. It's brainwashing, brain drain.

My close friend and colleague Mohammad Farouqe who has closely watched a nation that is engaged in achieving excellence and individuality in various fields by utilizing talent. Dr. got the opportunity to go to Germany for higher research in organic chemistry. My friend Faroque looked at Shigeki. Japanese researcher. He has just finished his Ph.D. in Defense at the University of Tokyo. Whether he will do research in his country or move to Germany for post-doctoral work, he has this idea. Swadeshi Supervisor took advice from Professor Watanabe. The decision is to work in the country. The German Postdoc turned down the offer. Another talented researcher said. Hamasaki. After finishing his Ph.D. at Kumamoto University in Japan, he ran to America. He worked as a research scientist for two years in San Diego, California. Then he returned to his country Japan. After a year of research at a company in Tokyo, he joined Kyushu University. He is a researcher and teacher. Working in chemistry. For one's own will, and for the country. Meditation, knowledge surrounds everything. Strong interest in it.

Faroque has had the opportunity to work with five professors in Japan for seven long years. In universities and research companies. He has worked in the same lab with many researchers like Dr. Hamasaki and Dr. Takai. Mixed and got to know them. Developed country Japan. Everything is there. They are working there with higher education in their country. Most of the people go abroad even if they go abroad. They are using all their talents to achieve individuality and excellence. Look, the evidence is everywhere. Research, Nobel laureates, communication, quality of life, humility, cleanliness — everything. But this nation has to survive by constantly fighting with nature. Earthquakes are a daily occurrence there. There are also tsunamis. The soil is not very fertile for crops. 

The catastrophic natural disaster of 2011 have destroyed everything in the Sendai region. More than 18,000 people were lost forever in the tsunami. The horrific explosion is the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power. Homes, cars — everything was washed away. Japan is still standing up. Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which collapsed in 1945; during World War II, have long since turned around.

In the throng of many Ph.D. and Masters, Faroque saw at least three of them return to their home countries in their workplaces in Canada. The Chinese government took these talented people back with many benefits. They will work for their country. It is also possible to work for the motherland by playing a role in globalization from other countries. In almost all cases in North America, the dominance of the Chinese nation and the Indians is obvious. Research, medicine, engineering, IT — everywhere. China and India have also moved forward. Where is our position? Bangladeshis are not far behind on foreign soil. I know a bunch of talented people from several leading institutions of the country including Dhaka University. Good friend Dr. Samir, Dr. Shaibal, There are many in this team including Dr. Tumpa. At one time they taught in the country or tried to do research. For various reasons, they have cut off the illusion of the country and are now clinging to foreign lands. Working at world-renowned research institutes in America and Europe. Their work is being published in top international journals, one of which is Nature.

Not just in North America and Europe. Our talented young people are scattered all over the world. Everywhere including Japan, China, Korea, Australia, New Zealand. They are working in foreign lands. In research, IT, teaching, and much more. They have studied in all the renowned universities or medical colleges of the country. No statistics. However, the number of Bangladesh University of Engineering Technology (BUET) and Dhaka University students seems to be higher in this line of departure.

In Bangladesh, the government, or private educational institutions, there are talented people everywhere. Their curiosity is immense. Growing up in the lap of a Bengali mother, many of them entered the workplace by preparing themselves for this meritorious education filled with lively youth. A large part of them try to go abroad during their student days or early in their careers. Once gone. Qualitative education, and advanced research are needed to develop talent. Without it, if there is no competitor, the competition does not freeze.

The children of Bangladesh are moving forward to keep pace with the era of globalization. But if they are lost from the country forever! Think. Getting lost. If talented people are lost from the country, it is talent smuggling. Growing up on. The soil of the country, with higher education there, later leaving the workplace of various professions including teaching went abroad. Vin made himself more qualified by utilizing the advanced research and technology of the country. Many can, some do not. However, it is as if they have settled down and settled in those countries. Think about the country, someone works for the country.

In the developed world, there are no different colors of politics in education and research. The great profession of nation-building is not the yellow-purple team to be a teacher, but the quality of qualification and research. Researchers at universities and various research institutes work day and night to discover. The harvest gained in education and research is spreading to everyone. Agriculture, industry everywhere. We can also compete with them is in foreign lands. It is also possible in the country. Transparency and a sense of responsibility are very important in one's place. The state must come forward. For the developing country, it is necessary to use the meritorious talents for the benefit of the country.

I believe there is patriotism in everyone. No one can forget the mother, not even the motherland. I dream of a young generation inspired by the keen intellect in building the country.

After all, this is not meaning that the talents are high ambitions of finance or any. On the other hand, a big hand of the government of every developing country is highly required to take care of at the level best. A standard level of remuneration can be arranged to accommodate a suitable job for some extraordinary talents. There is no bound to leave the country for higher education and research, but the enriched merits of someone to be returned home and some can work abroad to bright the face of own country with credit. Both are win-win situations for the homeland. Moreover, the talents will also ensure the transparency and integrity of the state within its capability and limit for the sake of the motherland.


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