Mess Life- Rent whether or not: cannibalic mental torture of mess house owners! Alas! Coronavirus (Covid-19).

Md. Shabbir Hasan

Mess life is the name of a painful memory of life. Nobody will notice that if never lead such life. This is often an awfully easy and delimited life. Independence is extremely rare and must adapt the law of mess house owners strictly. There are some negligence additionally get in conjunction with the mess inhabitants. They need to measure while not a family just for money wants and different crises.

Mess inhabitants tolerate now on the far side suggests that and typically hand to mouth. They're majorly students and somehow, daily labor, low earning individuals, and restricted earning staff. In a word, a life with a lot of sorrows and feeling with future color dreams.

Moreover, if the pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19) attacks such terribly vulnerable individuals, and what would be the consequence wherever the supply of financial gain is stopped. On the opposite hand, if the mess house owners produce pressure on them for normal and advance rent! Matter of sorrows, this is often happening and keep reading on my writing truth.
‘Naushad Becker may be an athlete in our mess, He includes a name for many injuries to his hands and feet.

'This verse form by Jasimuddin speaks of a messy life. Mess wipeout is the creation of urban life. Addresses of scholars and employees. People who are unable to own a family are the residents of Mess. At only once our students, even employees, wont to keep in lodging. People who lived in lodges were known as jagirs. There's additionally an area is known as Jaigir close to CO Bazar at Rangpur. Lodging is to show the youngsters of the owner a bit and to measure and dine in peace. Perhaps do a bit searching.

Sweet stories concerning this rooming house are written on paper and within the air. The scholars of East geographic area has conquered the planet from lodging. Even academics or locals won’t to prepare a lodging for worthy poor students. It was a social responsibility. Barkat, who was martyred within the Bayanna language movement, additionally lived in lodging in recent Dacca.

During this approach the responsibility has been shared between the scholars, and also the locals. People's Republic of Bangladesh was additionally born. After the nineties, all the cities of the People's Republic of Bangladesh became completely different. A bit higher school suggests that now a lot of lodgings homes around it, the mess business has grown up quickly.

As a by-product, there are rumors from pen-and-paper retailers to fast-food retailers. The residents of this mess are those who are trained by the native thugs. The primary college of slapping, snatching, and teasing is the mess, and also the residents of the mess.
However, the youngsters of Mess step up with the thrill and sorrows of town. The history of the scholar movement in the People's Republic of Bangladesh can even be known as the history of the scholars of Mess. It'd be wrong to mention. Simply students, several low-income young and skilled individuals board urban messes. 2/3/4/6 or individuals in one area. The rent for these rooms is strictly what number beds.

As such, the rent of the mess is far over the rent of the flat. "The boys within the mess won't keep within the mess, however, can pay the rent. What reasonably law is this?" ‘Our courier is inquiring for cash. He additionally vulnerable to pay a fine Earlier, this month if the money wasn't paid on time, ” said Mamun, a student at the dormitory in Kurigram. ‘Going to the market to sell, relief rice and pulses from the chairman. Mess house owners can have to be compelled to pay the rent tomorrow.

‘Higher than are 3 samples from many hundred posts of a Facebook cluster known as 'Mess Students'. Students are covered in their posts that Mess house owners are spoken language, ‘Either keep transaction, or leave 3 months earlier.’ However, most Messing students are gathering paddy on their land or on others ’land on Corona Day.

The students' reasoning is additionally robust. Mess off. No current bill, all installments off. If you do not need to let the scholars keep within the mess, allow them to head home. And that they didn't bring disaster intentionally. Why can the responsibility of Corona rest on their shoulders? And after all, the messengers have a responsibility towards them.

Ziller Rahman, a last honors' student, aforesaid nobody in Kurigram might show a multitude owner whose family couldn't survive while not mess cash. However, a multitude owner has vulnerable him that he can have to be compelled to pay the rent for protestants. The home income-expenditure survey has measured the impoverishment of the districts considering the upper poverty level. If the daily food expenditure of the family is capable of the minimum food poverty level (food poverty level) then it's known as the best impoverishment line.

This is often done on the premise of two, 122 kcal per capita per day, and on the premise of eleven foods. The food-poverty line is taken into account by valuing them. The population of Kurigram is 71-7 percent. Does it mean that the students who live in the mess do not represent this rate?

According to the home Income-Expenditure Survey 2016, the impoverishment rate is higher among farmers than among different professionals. Then the unemployed. Are not these farmers and unemployed individuals the fogeys, and guardians of Mess students within the pastures, and villages? Are not these students the foremost lean, and short youngsters because of malnutrition?

Corona's scenario is reversing. The police became the foremost humane organization. Physicians are God's mercy. However, our garment house owners can have to be compelled to open factories. And what mess house owners permanent settlement guarantor! Consecutive 3 months’ rent, together with the present month's rent! However, is there an agreement or argument? No, no.

There is any logic or not, we always give priority on our interest above all. The world is devastating or not, I am selfish otherwise this will happen a great loss to me. In fact, I think that this is one kind of the disease of people. An ideal man cannot do such. There should be a limit of inhumanity and autocracy.

Night comes after day and similarly. If we think morally and with a sound brain; we could never do such. We should bear in mind that a cruelty sometimes may snatch a life and who is liable for this. Again, with sympathy and a sacrificing mind, we can build a happy, healthy, and relaxed life to someone. This will bring heaven to the world without losing anything of myself.


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