Principles and ethics - life-saving drugs

Md. Shabbir Hasan

We generally take medicine to save our lives only after we get sick. But this is never expected that by taking medicine, we want to be died instead of get well. I am telling you a live story from my life which may you teach more….

I regularly sit in a pharmacy. The purpose is to learn the business of medicine well, I want to give myself a shop in the future. But, I was shocked to see the activities of people in this business.
One day, a man bought wholesale medicine from our shop (which I learned sitting in) and has his shop in the village. The man is asking the shop owner, “Isn’t there a number two?”
That day I first found out that there is a fake Seclo 20(Omeprazole) in the market. Seclo 20(Omeprazole) is Square Company’s widely used gastric medicine. Since its demand is skyrocketing, this Seclo 20(Omeprazole) is one of the targets of a group of unscrupulous traders.
After that day I try to identify the real and the fake. One day when the shop owner went out of the shop for some reason, the day I first discovered the fake # Seclo20(Omeprazole) in this store. Fortunately, the original Seclo20 medicine was in store that day. After a long time of checking and sorting, I discovered the real Seclo20.
A few days later, another customer said, “Give Calbo D (Calcium and Vitamin D tablets), if you have the original, give it and if not, don’t give it.” The shopkeeper said no.
After the customer left, I asked, Calbo D was there, why not? He then said it was a fake Calbo D.
Later I was surprised to find that the whole shop was filled with fake Calbo D.
Several days later I saw this fake medicine supplier, he was offering to buy Zimax 500(Azithromycin) (antibiotic) to the shop owner. I also saw a few boxes of fake Zimax 500(Azithromycin) with some more medicine.
Then I was convinced that not only in this store, but also in many pharmacies in the vicinity, counterfeit medicines are being sold very secretly and in a very natural way and it is happening all the time. Not only is Square Company’s medicine being counterfeited, but almost all types of widely used medicine are being counterfeited.

Usually the general public is not aware of this and the differences between the drugs are very subtle. In some cases, it is almost impossible to detect a counterfeit drug without first examining it. Using this ignorance of the people, a group of unscrupulous traders is consuming poison called fake medicine in the hope of making some profit. People’s lives are being threatened by cheating in the name of business.
In fact our moral and morality almost be dead. Otherwise we cannot do such. The people who are manufacturing, who are marketing and who are selling, all are criminal. We all together should realize ourselves that dishonesty never flow wellness. This is why, let’s try to work for the humanity but please not against the humanity.
God bless us all.


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