The wax within the fire: simply Friend in Man and woman possible?

Md. Shabbir Hasan

The students of science have studied that different the alternative poles of a magnet attract one another and the same poles repulsion of every other. It's needed to grasp that magnet has 2 poles, north and south. If in slight details, North Pole attracts south and pole attracts north. On the opposite hand, north to north repulse and south to pole repulse one another of 2 magnets.

This is really natural that opposite factor attracts and the same factor repulse to every alternative. We've seen in cases of artificial like electricity wherever negative, and positive manufacture electricity. Moreover, several examples wherever opposite sides area unit creating a pulse. If we tend to come back to the natural and biological atmosphere that teaches us a similar theory.

Boy and lady will never be simply Friend. This is often tested by the Qur'an and Hadith. Browse the article below if you would like to grasp.
Humayun Ahmed aforementioned, "Boys and women maybe friends. However, they're going to undoubtedly fall loving. Perhaps for an awfully short time or at the incorrect time. Or too late, and perhaps for all time. However, they're going to fall loving.

" William Shakespeare aforementioned, "A boy will never be an addict of a lady, as a result of there's a passion here, there's a physical want." an analogous issue is alleged by an individuals author’s writer." It isn't potential for an individual and a woman to possess alone friendship. All which will be in need, weakness, emotion, or love." Honestly, a friendly relationship between a boy and a lady is not possible and against nature.

As a result of as long as there's a friendly relationship, nature can lose its existence. Magnets and iron will never be. Can attract. The wax can soften next to the hearth. Boys and women may be befriended, however, at some purpose they're going to fall loving, or have associate affair. And that is traditional. It’s uncommon for nothing to happen. Analysis from the University of Chicago within the U. S. is revealed within the scientific journal "Evolution & Human Behavior.” The study aforementioned, “Hormonal response in boys intensifies once boys are available in contact with women. That is, the androgenic hormone (sex hormone) attractiveness that boys have towards women is incredibly effective and positive in the study condition.

Scientific interpretation is Islam. Disclosed so, “When 2 boys and daughters speak in solitude, there's a 3rd one gift, and he's the devil.” In Islam, the free, intercourse of youngsters is strictly impermissible. Islam is aware of wherever the implications of free intercourse for kids maybe, therefore it's suppressed it from the start. That they will lower their gaze and guard their crotch, which is purer for them. Supreme Being is aware of it. Tell the basic cognitive process ladies, "Let them lower their gaze and guard their crotch." [An-Noor, verses 30-31] The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) aforementioned, I failed to leave any huge fitna.

As the reference of Hadith Bukhari and Muslim sharif: terribly, at a similar time as girls unit of measure mental obstacle (fitna) for boys, therefore the unit of measure boys mental obstacle (fitna) for women. Also, by finding out the verses on the screen, even a normal person will decide that love / friendly relationship with a mahram in Gair is sort of brother/sister; of this area unit haraam relationships. In verse thirty two of Surah Al-Ahzab, Supreme Being has created it clear to ladies, "If you worry Supreme Being, then don't speak to men in a very light and engaging manner. Otherwise, he who has evil desires in his heart will lust after you. “Wherever Islam doesn't even permit ladies to talk softly to men when men, wherever are you able to tell the place of the boyfriend.

We learn invariably from nature, however never nature learns from the individuals. Therefore, we should always not attempt to prove the character is wronging. This is often the fool work. Man and lady may befriend and for that we tend to could stand logic however not natural. If you prefer somebody of the opposite gender, it could propose to be legal intercourse rather than any courtesy creating a friendly relationship. Ultimately, the friendly relationship between a person and a lady runs to sexual engagement. Moreover, honestly to mention creating legal intercourse if anybody to be chosen for the present or interval of life.


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