We are standing at the door of death: Vanish of all dreams at a moment

Md. Shabbir Hasan

There is a spiritual song in Bengali is that without a second of hope, the color joke will stop, if you close your eyes, you will lose your breath. This sentence tells us the mystery theory of life. God has created us and has sent us on this earth but kept the confidentiality of our death date. So we never know when we will die or have to leave this earth. Now the name of walking is the name of life, so we are all happy and sad all day long. We lead a life such as when life is where. But never forget is that death is the closest of us all and at any moment without any concern.

The body that has life is alive. Life is about keeping the senses alive in the body through living cells while keeping breathing active. There is a vibration of life in all classes of living beings. There are feelings. Human life begins in the zygote of a sperm and an egg. An embryo is made from the sperm from the father and the egg from the mother. The fetus grows with the utmost care in the presence of everything needed to grow safely in the mother's womb. Two lives in one body of a loving mother. Sharing everything in her life, this mother spends her days in boundless caution to fulfill that other life in her body. A human baby is born when the uterus grows safely and completes its structure.

 The journey of a new life on earth began. There is joy in this birth word at the beginning of the journey. Once upon a time this joy ended in grief, in eternal farewell, in pain, in the death of life. The end of life is death. In a special case, a body cannot be said to be alive or dead instantly. Not easy to say. Being in a coma is a state between life and death. Death is a process. The brain, heart, and respiration are the three most important things in the body. Not all moments stop together.

In May 2018. Healthy, strong, and eternally gifted, Arif was sitting in bed at home that day doing computer programming. It is still very cold in Canada. Heavy snow outside. The work of programming, and the impression of his fatigue in the face of the reality of difficult life struggles. Suddenly the heart stopped beating. He leaned down. Unusual foam is rising on the face. It was about 10 o'clock at night. His wife was bewildered. He pierced his hands and feet with a needle to get his partner back to life. Not working. A friend came running from the flat next door. The call was made to 911. At the other end, skilled members of the emergency department are giving instructions over the phone. And coming running vigorously. This 911 emergency department is a very effective service in government management in Canada.

 They appeared in about nine minutes. With skilled hands they are now trying to save the patient. And by blowing the siren, he is going back to the hospital at the highest speed through the empty road at the moment. Although the terminally ill patient may have been externally dead, his life has been saved after a month of relentless efforts by skilled and efficient electrical management and specialist doctors in developed countries.
No, not all life comes back victorious. Riaz did not return. After passing mechanical engineering in Bangladesh and working for a few years, his talented son Riaz moved to Toronto with his small family in 2017. As soon as the new country arrives in Canada, it is preparing itself by starting higher education to keep pace with the struggle of life. He is an educated and sports-loving boy. He used to run a lot to keep his body fit. The next year, in the midst of a bone-chilling winter weather, the doctor showed up at the hospital emergency room with chest pain one day. Just a few days later, one evening in July 2017, his heart stopped beating and he suddenly fell to his death. Emergency department 911 paramedics and doctors failed all attempts. The shadow of mourning fell on everyone.

The death of life is inevitable. We forget the truth. Sanju Mama is a healthy and strong simple man. It is very difficult to determine the age by looking at the always smiling face of a man of light build. But in fact, he is about 60 years old. Graduate of Pharmacy from Dhaka University. As sharp-witted, so diligent. This is the day I was at his house on Monday night among many people. In about four hours various topics were discussed. Two days later, my article published in Jago Bangali, 'Japanese Shadow of Bangladeshi Talents on Ice' was also discussed. It also has his words. On Friday, March 17, at 10 pm, the phone rang. Impossibly good, this man is no longer alive! I do not hear lies on the phone? I mean, this can't happen. I ran with my family to that house in Toronto. By then there were relatives, friends, and many people in the community.

But where is he? He died instantly in a car accident at his workplace. Tragic. Conscious of his family's boundless compassion, the man calls his wife every day during work breaks. That did not happen today. The incident took place at 6.30 pm. The scene is only 15 minutes away from his home. In this developed country. However, the police team came and informed his family about the painful news of his passing three hours later. We have to accept the reality. In Canada, the police are extremely responsible, they are a symbol of public confidence in all dangers. After seizing all the evidence in the case of an unnatural death, the family is given the bad news with extreme awareness. Don't let bad news give birth to any more bad news! The bad news is very difficult. Unacceptable. Silence and silence for a while. Dark black darkness surrounded the relatives.

The sky-scraping cry began. Corona took more time for autopsy. The frozen body was handed over to a licensed organization (Toronto Islamic Center, Nugget Mosque) in the freezing temperatures of minus 30 degrees Celsius on Sunday. Bodies are not given to the family. In the presence of relatives, friends, well-wishers, and esteemed members of the community, Mohammad Sanju Hasan was buried in the ice-covered cemetery in Ajax after the Janazah prayers at the Nugget Mosque on 20 March. Goodbye. This wise and smiling man left at a great time. The harvest of lifelong suffering was not seen.

My life's teacher, mother, couldn't see the harvest of many hardships in my life. Sitting on foreign soil, I initially felt. The extreme pain of a steamroller within the depths of my heart in 2006. The pain within the chest. Favorite faces have gotten lost one by one. This line of departure is obtaining longer day by day. Father-like uncles, mother-like aunts and uncles have passed on to the great beyond. The pinnacle of the kinship group is the powerful Motin uncle, chairman Idris uncle, Arman uncle, and plenty of others. Foysal's individuals are gone, Salim sir. Sir's far-famed doctor son's expensive friend Omar (Orthopedic, Trauma, and Elizarov Surgeon) couldn't save this father. With several experiences as well as the Russian Elizarov Fellowship and Joint Replacement Indian Fellowship, this proficient doctor is treating patients well.

However, nobody is going to be able to wait and see the decision to go away from the Hereafter. Thus, not the father. I lost several. Repeatedly my eyes get wet, I feel a giant emptiness. Let me share an event from the U.S. state of Kentucky revealed in Jago Bangali some days ago. Eight years ago one these days, in 2012, the actor lost her cancer-stricken husband, Rich. The love for husband and married woman was intense. Associate in Nursing emotional man, wealthy has created a good-looking arrangement before the evening of his life. Within the years following her death, Tracy's birthday was marked with a bouquet of flowers, greetings, and loves. From Rich, the companion who walked along for twenty-six years.

All the expensive folks that have left have squeezed all their love for us.we tend to are alive. The nice responsibility of building a good-looking world is currently on our shoulders. For the new generation. You only got to be a lot of discriminating with the assistance you render toward others. Family initial. At some point we are going not to be. The death of life is inevitable. After I was concerning six years recent, I submerged, whereas, twiddling with my brother Mobarok within the sinking water at the rear of the house. The lifetime of the author of this story would have complete there if he had not found the opaque muddy water and picked it up and enveloped it. Then I saw the door of death doubly a lot. The life that's occurring may be a bonus. Got to get to pleasure from. Good job. To measure in people's hearts for an extended time.

A Goodman is not dead. He is always alive. His good works always live in mind is of earth alive people. The world remembers him with gratefulness. So in this short life, we try to do something which is peace and welfare for their own, family, society, and for the world. On the other hand, if we obey our religion and realize, that it is also a different issue due to religion always speak to us to do the works of virtue and to avoid sin. In fact, every religion makes us a perfect man for the world and the hereafter with all human beings' activities. 


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