Wilds are Beautiful in the Forest, Children are in the Mothers lap

Md. Shabbir Hasan

There is a word is that love is not forced. Love has its own nature and move to its own motion. There is no means that by which it can be bought naturally. If anyone says that it would be only for time being and fully artificial. The psychologist says that people,s mind is the most critical thing in the world. This change very rapidly and tough matter to fix it.

On the other hand, any work or activities of people are controlled by their minds. The work which is permitted by his mind, mentally accepted to complete that. Moreover, it may be impossible but the mind is relaxed to do it and that is the matter. When work is easier but the mind is not supported by this and it will be impossible to do it. That is the psychological effect and final. The result never be good doing anything against of mind and which is negative or unproductive.

We take science as per father's wish, we take commerce as my mother is happy but not as per own wish. As a result, our minds are morally demoralised at the first time and all are done only for guardian pressure.

The same is true of jobs. After Science, the accountant does the job of Science again after the account. And that is why the development of our country is being hampered and wrong decisions are being taken.

Right people are not in the right places.

Parents should understand that science or commerce is not forced. The government and all of us must know that goats do not work with cows.

This not applicable to all other countries in the world. This is mostly is doing in developing country especially in the south Asian country of the world. This mentality should be changed for guardians because the study and career do not follow guardians minds. This move by own mind.

Anyway, God has created every people with individual attitude and follow accordingly. If something it's against, the own motion deviates.

A very simple practical example we may present that many of us rearing animals in cages. This is very easily be followed that we give huge foods and take care of this but it is always demoralized and day by day become lean and thin. Once upon a time this pet is being died mostly. What does it mean that this is not adapted to this environment and so can not accommodate us? The forest is its living home and love this than any other heaven in the world.

This should learn of us that never tries to achieve with pressure and against its own nature. This result never comes healthy and sound. So for the sake of beauty and peace, live and help others to accomplish work as its own psychological effect.  


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