Corona war of exile: there has been no peace anywhere.

Md. Shabbir Hasan

Life is struggle everywhere. Someone could also be secured if the government secures them by salary. Spring came to Texas in early March. What a gorgeous colorful plant at the top of winter. The cherry blossoms are intoxicating with pink flowers. The youngsters have started beginning to the sector again to play. That's when the coronavirus lightning struck without clouds.

Spring holidays began in Texas schools. My kids are home on vacation. I assumed I might choose an enter a park because it isn't very cold outside. That never happened again. I heard on TV that the governors of various cities within us were instructing everyone to remain reception. Initially, I heard that some coronavirus patients had been found in Seattle. Then I heard in NY.

I still attend the office a day. There was a training that would not be done reception. I'm impossibly busy training all day. Office downtown. So you've got to pass by train. At the top of the day, I scroll my mobile while returning to the train. There’s no excellent news. The train is extremely risky. At some point, I ran to the shop to shop for a hand sanitizer. There’s nothing within the store. Panicked people bought hand sanitizers, disinfectants, and medicines and emptied their shops.

I go to the office within the morning scared. Meanwhile, the youngsters are reception. Their father was given the chance to figure from home, but still protected. Otherwise, it's very difficult to travel abroad to figure without child care. Eventually, within four or five days, the amount of corona patients in downtown increased dramatically. The administration instructed that each one other services be closed apart from emergency services. I escaped the fear of getting to the office by train a day.

In us, staple shops are a daily necessity. What's not there! But within the time of crisis, there's nothing anywhere. Incredible action! I sent my husband with an enormous list. Came back almost empty-handed. Everyone has stockpiled for fear of Corona. I saw within the TV news, a woman visited buy 50 packets of noodles, the manager of the shop interrupted and there was tons of pleasure. There’s no point in blaming only Bengalis for hoarding. The people of rich and poor countries are one here.

Now I don't attend the shop to buy it. All online. After paperwork, it takes two to 3 hours to order the staple online within the evening. Once I attend order, I often see that milk isn't available anywhere. Having to wander from one place to a different. It takes five-six days to urge the order. Numerous land vendors online. They rushed to sell hand sanitizers, masks, and gloves at exorbitant prices.
Kids are now beginning to practice online. They’ll not attend school this year. We are very lucky. I can work from home. But many of us don't have that chance. Small, medium, and enormous — various sorts of businesses are closed. Many of us have lost their jobs. Within us alone, about 6 million people have lost their jobs. The amount doesn't stop there. It’s increasing day by day.

I am trying to form this captivity tolerable in some ways. At some point after the mask, I walk with the youngsters on the nature trail next to the house. Nature is impossibly green. A spread of birds. Occasionally squirrels come running. As there's no gathering of individuals, the footsteps of animals are often seen on the roads of the town.

I never sit down with a book that I have never read for several days. Not an e-book, but a true paper book. That student life comes back.
The Bengali New Year went smoothly at this point. This virus is bringing us new ideas. Really now's the time to be clean within the fire bath. We wash our hands regularly to stay our bodies clean. Now’s the time to cleanse, purify, and purify our minds and souls. May Allah lookout for us and take away all calamities.


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