Coronavirus(COVID-19): The cruel anecdote of the century in our Life.

Md. Shabbir Hasan
Life is extremely interesting for intellectual people. From the north to the south of the world, from the east to the west — there was already turmoil at every end. As soon because the morning dawned, all the satellite channels of the country became live telecasts. Everyone's eyes were on the TV screen.

Even within the 43rd year of the establishment of the organization called 'IEDCR', it seems that it's never been ready to make a mark within the eyes of this ignorant Bengali. At the special news conference of IEDCR that day, an entire stranger came ahead of the microphone and sat right down to prepare to mention something urgent. The people of this country haven't noticed him on television or within the media.

Professor Mirzadi Sebrina Flora. Director of the IEDCR, an identity-microbial diagnostic agency. After a while, he started talking. He started saying something vital. Finally, Pinpatan quietly announced the bad news of the arrival of the silent killer in Bangladesh, which had stopped the entire world. Yes, the deadly virus ‘Covid-19’ i.e. coronavirus has entered this Bengali root. Three have already been identified.

Everyone knows the history after this. Instability froze within the minds of the people. Everyone started running. Expatriates from abroad came to the country. Despite the strong threat of infection from them, the deadly virus spread within the rural unions and mobsball areas thanks to the natural unconsciousness of the Bengalis.

The horrible chapter began. The general public life that was busy within the holdup wrapped within the dust and sand of the road or the tea-table of the tong shop came to a halt. People were trapped within the house. The quarrels between the neighbors or the bhabis of the neighboring house over each other's Kawai-chaos and various family saltamami stopped. People haven't felt so helpless before. Each home is sort of a whole prison.

Hearing the sound of somebody coughing within the house of the neighbors, the communication from the balcony to the balcony from a distance was also stopped. The youngsters enjoyed the cartoons all night long for several days. Adolescents online through social media. A special atmosphere was created. Messenger, Zoom, Emo, Viber became the most logistics of the dynamics of lifestyle. Many happy days. But what proportion more! Man is not any longer an inanimate object or an electric-powered device which will continue uninterrupted for twenty-four hours. He also needs outdoors. Open skies are needed. During this age of worldwide village theory, there's an excellent need for information technology and online dependence, but people want to lose that leisure within the midst of greenery, within the midst of nature. Wants to crowd the river. That's why when there's an enormous holiday, the tourist centers are filled with people. There’s no place to store sesame.

Such a horrible captivity therein place! Which has become irresistible at the present? People are gasping for breath. Sighing and moaning endlessly.
Then, like per annum, Eid came again as per the principles. There was a play on our door. But during a different atmosphere, during a different environment. People from the center of the last century to the start of this century haven't encountered such an environment before. After the sighting of the moon, the tiny children, as within the previous days, merged with the rolls of laughter and excitement. Eid is an exception!

All of a sudden, someone stole it. Nobody ever thinks that this may happen. Didn't even believe mistakes or vortices. It still seems like a nightmare. What happened to the key!
Even then, let's have an honest time during this catastrophic Eid. During this difficult time, we'd like to laugh, spend time with our family, get drunk on naughtiness, and stick together like shadows next to every other. It takes courage and motivation. Relations got to keep one another spiritually strong by encouraging one another to realize confidence and mental strength without being overwhelmed by a sudden illness.

Let's give this terrible time to our loved ones. Adhere to social distance within the right way. Keep yourself clean. I attempt to create awareness among others. I hope the message of infinite peace will come down in everyone's life again. I pray to the Creator, let this darkness pass. Let the sunshine come closer. May all mankind witness a golden dawn and a bright day of departure of the silent killer from this world. Witness Sujla-Sufla, Shasya-Shyamla in Bangladesh. Let every moving and active human eye of the planet be a witness.

‘It is going to be dark,
Do not run after light and darkness.
This red light is going to be darker,
Eyes and face and everything is going to be illuminated.
Look, tonight will disappear,
Hundreds of poisonous watches are going to be cut.
Keep an eye fixed on the dreamy eyes,
The magic city of flickering light. '
(From his own poem 'Iyad')

Yes, Allah only you'll save us from this.


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