Get caught within the fire bath: If God forgives us all.

Md. Shabbir Hasan

Everything is error and each page in life which is written is all wrong. We’ve created society. We’ve our own religion, culture, language. There are countries, country borders. But we aren't good at these. In our society, there's rich-poor inequality. An equivalent time as|while|when|as" whilst citizens of the same country, we fight over differences of faith, caste and creed; Borders with other countries, river water, water, and land.

Nature isn't free from our lust. We fill one river after another for our own benefit. Indiscriminate killing of animals, lowering of trees and hills, and polluting the ocean water. Now we don't see the sky within the crowd of high-rise buildings. I close the windows and doors and sit reception to relax within the air of the AC and make nature extremely warm. Nature is restless today with the factories we build, nuclear reactors, brick kilns, and toxic fumes from vehicles, noise, and pollution.

In this way, our days were being spent within the frenzy of the perverted persecution of winning through the very best (better said, lowest) level of fraud within the pursuit of our own interests. At that point, the sole virus that changed all the accounts within the world. The entire world has come to a halt with the Covid-19 disease caused by the attack of this terrible contagious virus called Novel Corona. All wars, conflicts, factions have stopped. Funds are being formed in every country, forgetting disputes, one country is extending a hand to a different country. Since no drug or vaccine has yet been discovered, the sole thanks to build resistance to the virus thus far is by 'voluntary house arrest' as a cruel mockery of nature towards this selfish mankind! Mother Nature is slowly regaining its life by stopping the human footsteps, appearing within the form, and informing the ungrateful mankind of the infinity of its power and skill.

As I used to be scripting this, my six-and-a-half-year-old son suddenly said from the side, 'Mom, if I occupy home like this for a couple of more days, I will be able to lose my head!' I'm scared. Even then life has got to continue. So so as to ease things in 'Unknown', we try to stay him happy by studying, playing games with him, tending the trees on the verandah, or watching his favorite movie together.

I don't know when the planet will get obviate this disaster. It’s feared that tragic incidents like the presence of individuals on the streets with none reason for disobeying the ban, the looting of relief supplies, the failure of factory owners to pay the worth of workers' lives will cause the top of the planet.

But dont want to think badly. On the contrary, the doctors, doctors, journalists, officialdom, police, and military personnel within the country, who have jumped into the fray and are coming forward to assist the starving people, are filled with hope. Learning about this coronavirus situation may help us to be truly generous and humane. After overcoming all adversities, the planet will become active again, nature will get its life back and each mother and father are going to be ready to walk around with their child in peace.

Lets get obviate the dirt, let’s get obviate the rust, / Get clean within the fire bath.’ Good luck to everyone. May Allah help us all?


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