Isolated doctor's daughter in Corona: Parents of many anxiety.

Md. Shabbir Hasan

For the sake of the profession, we've sacrificed many things. We haven't seen El Shima for quite a month. She is our only daughter. Ask us on facetime at the top of the day or before getting to work on the night shift. We are expecting his call within the distance.
There are reasons to try to so. Shima may be a doctor by profession. Works at Montiffure Hospital within the Bronx, New York. She lives within the apartment allotted with the hospital. The last came home on March 1. Special measures are announced in NY City to combat the coronavirus. As soon as we had dinner together with her, she told us that he had given us the choice to travel from psychiatry to medicine. Because now many doctors are needed in medicine. Patients are coming to the hospital in groups. There are far fewer doctors than. Doctors are struggling. Shima said, "Can I sit on the sidelines during this situation?"
Shima Psychiatrist. We thought, that's why she doesn't work directly with Corona patients. We were both stunned to listen to her. I wanted to mention from the innate fear of oldsters, is it so important to go? But I didn't have the courage to ascertain the radiance and determination in her face. Seeing the courage and mentality of the girl, the chest was full.
Even today, like hebdomadally, his mother has prepared a spread of food for him. We usually feed her with various containers. Keep it within the fridge all week. That’s what happened today. Before leaving, Shima said, ‘I won't click until things are normal. I will be able to miss you. But I can not cause you to sick. '
We just pray a day, in order that she will serve more people from being healthy. During a virtual conversation before getting to work a day, she explains how doctors try to save lots of patients. There’s no time to inhale the hospital now. The beeping sound on the monitor indicates that the vital sign of a patient goes down rapidly. The nurses surround him with a white screen and check out to return her with an electrical shock to her heart. Another doctor then shouted, "I need a ventilator." Shima is making a dying person meet her family for the last time in face time.
On the phone, Shima said, ‘So many of us are dying, but I can’t stop and feel a touch sad for somebody. One has got to finish her work and run to a different one. Physicians even have tons of stress. Nobody has ever seen numerous deaths together. The foremost heartbreaking thing is that there's no beloved beside the doctor at the time of death. ‘Ah, what if it really was?
At first, I used to be very frightened of her. Now I even have overcome tons. But she wants to ascertain the girl again and again. She told us to return home at some point, but on one condition. She is going to come and stand outside the glass door of the house. And we'll skip her food and favorite computer game console. That's how we'll meet. Then she is going to leave with food from outside.
anxiety of parents

When the coronavirus spread in Wuhan, China, I saw a scene on TV news. The girl came to the hospital to ascertain her mother affected by corona. But watching from a distance. The mother extended her hand. Girl too. Like an invisible embrace. Who would have thought that at some point we too would be in such a situation?
Even if we get so on the brink of the girl, we will not touch her, and our eyes are becoming wet thinking. Her mother has been cooking her favorite food since that day, crying. In fact in what proportion of difficulties we expect isn't such panic. So we never should be inhumanities and cruel. Everybody will die and will bear in mind. Make ourselves social rather than cruelty.


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