RTPCR and plasma therapy: an alternate treatment of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Md. Shabbir Hasan

There are some sorts of treatment are developed for the epidemic COVID-19 but yet to implement finally. Every types have merits and demerits. But we've to make a decision only after the complete observation and result which is best for us economically, physically, and overall.

The world is devastated by the spread of the deadly coronavirus. The amount of victims is increasing every moment. Albeit the test is completed consistent with the identification and treatment consistent with the symptoms, the death procession isn't stopping in any way.
The gold-standard test method for detecting coronavirus was initially used only at the Institute of Pathology, Disease Control and Research (ICR) at the start of RTPCR. Because the number of suspected patients continues to extend, the pressure of sample tests on IEDCR increases, and there's a growing demand for increasing the amount of RTPCR machines for rapid sample testing.

He had experience within the RTPCR machine during his research in Japan. My department (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) at Chittagong University also has this machine. I posted a standing on my Facebook wall on Annunciation for the aim of cooperating in handling Corona, keeping in mind my personal responsibilities and therefore the aspirations of the commoner. Rock bottom line is that the RTTCR machine can test 98 samples in 3 hours and lots of universities have this machine. If the govt wants, it can use the machines and therefore the concerned resource persons or graduates during this disaster. The status came to the notice of varied media.

Within a couple of days, the Bangladesh Institute of Tropical and Infectious Diseases (BITID) in Fauzdarhat and therefore the University Grants Commission requested cooperation during this regard. Alongside Shirin Akhtar. The RTPCR machine of the Department of Biochemistry and biology was handed over to BITID on April 6 at the immediate and far-sighted initiative of the Vice-Chancellor of my University. A couple of more universities have started working after the commendable initiative of Chittagong University and already Dhaka University has also found out a lab suitable for the corona test.
If this machine and related manpower are provided altogether the districts, the sample clutter, or test embarrassment are going to be reduced to an excellent extent. At this juncture, the govt can add RTPCR machines and related graduates from different universities. Can recruit graduates if required.

On March 26, the day after the status of the RTPCR machine, I gave another status that physicians should consider the appliance of the healing blood-plasma (indirect antibody therapy) because the last plan to save the life of a patient with corona. Therapy involves injecting blood-plasma (after virus and other infectious skinning) into the body of an individual who has recovered from a corona infection. This is often because anti-Kabid-19 antibodies (resistance) are produced within the blood-plasma of the previously cured person, which can play an excellent role within the healing of the infected patient.

Plasma therapy 1890 method. Although the H1N1 influenza virus epidemic in 1918 had good leads to the utilization of blood-plasma in 1,600 patients, no conclusions might be drawn. During the outbreak of SARS in 2002-03, Hong Kong had good leads to the appliance of blood-plasma to 60 patients. This method has also had some success within the case of Ebola.

For the primary time in Bangladesh, plasma collection was started from the blood of Dr. Joardar Rakin Manzur, a doctor of Dhaka Medical College Hospital for the aim of treatment of COVID. Meanwhile, various government and personal hospitals have claimed success within the application of plasma therapy with signs of physical improvement within the patient. Awareness and publicity from the govt are required to urge blood-plasma in patients with corona.

No more today but if the plasma therapy is that the best and physible for mankind, of course, we'll receive. Never any hurry up by any means since this is often the matter of life of the citizenry. Take care.


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