Neglected microbiologists within the health sector: Incomplete Health management.

Md. Shabbir Hasan

Right people aren't in the right places. Actually this is often happening most of the cases and in places. There are some reasons for this. One could also be the autocratic power of some department to carry them without fitness for the post, one could also be of somebody incapability and a few could also be political issues. Anyway, for everything an ideal person is required for the proper specific job. Otherwise anytime danger could also be caused by anyone.

They have been complaining for an extended time that microbiologists aren't getting used properly within the health system of the country. During this situation, the Bangladesh Society of Microbiologists has got to make a press release demanding the appointment of undergraduate and postgraduate degree holders in microbiology as scientific officers within the ninth grade of the national salary scale within the health sector. They made the claim within the wake of the outbreak of Covid-19.

Physicians also as other professionals have the chance to play a task within the health system. For instance, the genome sequencing of coronaviruses within the country has been done by microbiologists. Bijan Shil, a coronavirus test kit developed by the general public clinic under the leadership of Bijan Shil, is additionally a microbiologist. But the role of those microbiologists within the health system of the country is extremely small. Theyre working in several grades in several government research institutes, but that number is additionally very low. Theyre unable to play an immediate role within the health sector as there are not any separate cadres or posts. Microbiologists believe that the govt is hiring doctors and nurses on an urgent basis, which microbiologists should even be hired during this process. They also think that alongside microbiologists, biochemists, biotechnologists and public health experts should even be hired.

Microbiologists work with viruses intimately. But thanks to a lack of participation within the health sector, they're unable to play a special role during the coronavirus epidemic. During this context, the Bangladesh Society of Microbiologists has demanded the creation of ninth grade posts within the health sector.

In 1992, microbiologists were first appointed in government hospitals. But the recruitment process was stopped the subsequent year. Physicians are working within the created positions. Microbiologists think that these doctors aren't ready to spend much time on the most work.

On the opposite hand, all the medical colleges, research institutes travel by the Ministry of Agriculture and therefore the Ministry of Livestock has biotechnology departments but the scholars of biotechnology don't get jobs. But the topic is now taught in most schools in the country. A number of the graduates go abroad, others add other fields within the country, and 1 percent may get jobs in their own fields, consistent with biotechnology graduates. They need to post about it on social media after the outbreak of coronavirus started.

Professor Anwara Begum, general secretary of the Bangladesh Society of Microbiologists, said, "Bachelor's and academic degree holders in microbiology are working in various grades in various government research institutes, but they need less opportunity to play a task within the health sector." that's why we've demanded the creation of ninth grade scientific officer posts within the health sector for microbiologists. We believe that through research, microbiologists can play a serious role in combating infectious diseases. "

Anwara Begum said, The Department of Health has already allowed microbiology graduates to volunteer for PCR tests, training and lab setup. Good initiative. To form this process sustainable, we would like to make organograms and use them within the health sector. Besides, undergraduate and postgraduate degree holders in microbiology should even be included within the education cadre for education. The scholars will benefit.

Whether it is the Spanish flu or the 21st-century corona attacks, it's all microbial violence. Microbiology is that the science or science about viruses, bacteria, fungi, and algae. Therefore the students of microbiology have an honest idea about the virus. Many also do research on specific viruses in their master's theses. As a result, students of microbiology have special knowledge about the genomic material (DNA / RNA) of the virus, transcription, translation and in particular, reproduction and spread. Theres currently a scarcity of skilled manpower for the RT-PCR procedure to be followed for coronavirus testing. But the scholars of microbiology are ready to do that job very efficiently.

Habibur Rahman Khan, Additional Secretary, Health Services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, said, "Professionals like microbiologists can play a complementary role within the health sector. This may enrich the health sector. The claim made by the Bangladesh Society of Microbiologists features a reality. Well consider the matter within the future. '
Bachelors of microbiology say they ought to be put to more use to form clinical diagnostic tests accurately. Physicians need to spend time to try to all this, the time they will give treatment.

I think this type of problem and issue more or less in many countries of the planet. But this needs to be exhausted for the welfare of the nation. For the advantage of personal cases, we cannot leave national interest. Lets we start a replacement journey with the right people are in the right places.


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