The laughter of nature: and that we.

Md. Shabbir Hasan

Who knew? The talkative world that suddenly stopped in Corona seems very unfamiliar. Albeit we are free today, we are imprisoned in an invisible prison of subjugation. Fear of death surrounds us step by step. Apparently, this understanding led to death.

If time had not stopped untimely, I might are preparing for the admission test today with maybe a thousand dreams. Today, as if within the irony of fate, I fell into a psychological state. Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam's two lines of poetry came to mind.
‘I will stay during a closed room
I will see the planet at this point. '
There is no thanks to having the will to ascertain the planet. My world is as distant because the eye can see through the windows of a three-story building. Sometimes I'm going to the roof and watch the youngsters of the house nearby compete in kite flying. Needless to mention, I used to be ready to rediscover myself at this point, albeit I used to be trapped during a monotonous lockdown. I can give myself time. Two months have passed since the lockdown. Within the two years of Intermediate reading, no outside books were read. I checked to ascertain if I used to be a bookworm like before. I even have read 15 novels lately. Additionally, the time has gone by sometimes playing the harmonium, sometimes sketching, sometimes recording the song. I even have also written five stories myself. All this is often just a failed plan to forget the cruel events that are happening now.

I don't know once we will get obviate this deadly virus. The amount of dead within the headlines a day is eye-catching. I wonder, why is there such a lot of suffering within the world created by God? Why such a lot of pain? Doesn't the scream of the people reach him? I do not skills many dreams are disappearing from the bosom of this world in a moment. One family is being exhausted.
Thinking about the country, I feel how good I'm. I can eat, I can stay. There are numerous people that aren't eating. I do not skills many mothers are silently shedding tears for not having the ability to place rice in their children's mouths. Once I hear the sad howl of a hungry dog sitting right down to erode night, it seems that I'm eating this food with none right. If I hadn't seen it, I probably wouldn't have understood what proportion hunger irritates. People are scared of hunger, not corona.

We Bengalis will never be ready to pay our respects to a gaggle of individuals who are working tirelessly for the welfare of all, even at the danger of their lives. We will only hate them. When the doctor comes home to serve the people suffering from the corona, as a landlord, I can only threaten him to not enter the house. Ready to I will be able to keep his family in one room. If I see a nurse serving in Corona, ready to I will be able to throw bricks. Ready to I will be able to throw all the rubbish within the backyard of the police-journalists' house. And if they're suffering from corona in any way, then there's no point! Whether we will do anything or not, we'll be ready to carry the burden of the Day of Judgment in our own hands thereon day. Because we are responsible for Bengalis! We will attend the market 10 times each day to cook good and bad reception, we will head home crowded at Mawa Ghat with the family. But somehow the relations must be saved from the hands of doctors, nurses, police, and journalists! Thousands, we are Bengalis! The strain of affection works a touch an excessive amount of.

Unbelievable but true, nobody is yours today during this coronation. Not his wife, children, husband, or maybe his parents. You see, nobody comes for your treatment, service, or funeral except the bribe-taking police, the butcher doctor, the naughty nurse, and therefore the lying journalist? Did you get someone to dig your grave three and a half hands that day? You see, the eldest son of the house involves face you that day.

Even today, red tuk-tuk dopati is blooming within the two trees; the color of the Tauranga butterfly seems to possess become brighter; Dolphins playing within the ocean; the birds are flying freely within the sky; the captives are just us. Nature seems to be twiddling with us. Today his smile isn't stopping. He’s bursting into laughter. Maybe this smile is that the smile of our karma; this smile is that the smile of his invisible revenge, the inaudible sound of which makes people understand the pain of suffering the results of their deeds. May Allah get obviate us such a situation.


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