The phenomenon of lightning has made scientists think: But we not think.

Md. Shabbir Hasan

There is nothing of nature with meaningless. Three consecutive thrilling events with lightning.
Fact-1: The horizontal distance of a lightning strike is 609 km. Mr. Which happened on 31 October 2017 in southern Brazil.
Fact-2: the utmost duration of one lightning strike of lightning is eighteen .6 seconds. It happened on March 4, 2019, in Argentina.
Incident-3: In Bangladesh, 25 people died during a single day on June 4, 2020.

The first two incidents were recognized as historic records by a panel of scientists from the planet Meteorological Organization just three days ago. This recognition has radically changed all ideas about lightning. This unprecedented event has made scientists think!

And the third incident mentioned is obtained from the reports of lightning published in various dailies of Bangladesh. It’s to be noted here that quite 300 people die in lightning accidents in Bangladesh per annum.
On June 25, 2020, 63 people were killed in lightning and thunderstorms within the Indian state of Bihar and 26 in Uttar Pradesh, most of them between 1200 noon and 6 pm while working within the field.

The explanation for such intense thunderstorms and thunderstorms is that the combination of westerly and easterly winds because the southwest monsoon winds move north-northwest, creating a thunderstorm together with warm water vapor. It occurs within the sort of transitions and cloud bursts when the monsoon winds are offset. Renowned meteorologist said. Samarendra Karmakar.
The total number of deaths, injuries, paralysis, and damage caused by lightning depends on the reports of varied dailies. Not all lightning incidents in Bangladesh are published in newspapers. So maybe: we all know variety nearby.
International quality research and publications on lightning observations and lightning accidents in Bangladesh are very limited. One among the explanations for this is often that there's little or no lightning monitoring and inconsistency of accident information. All this information doesn't match the answers to several necessary research questions.

Due to its geographical location, Bangladesh, like many other natural disasters, is in danger of lightning. The purpose to notice here is that the majority of the people suffering from lightning in Bangladesh are engaged in agriculture who are forced to figure under the open sky for his or her livelihood and are the sole earners within the family.

Here are some facts about lightning protection:
The first reality is that lightning advance warning remains district-based which demands time to be Upazila-based.
The second reality is that during a country susceptible to thunderstorms, it's vital for the agricultural system to possess an emergency shelter for the thunderstorm period.
The third reality, awareness of the necessity for cover. the primary condition is to travel to a secure shelter just to ascertain the lightning and listen to the sound of lightning.

Fourth reality, practical research on lightning. The priority is going to be given to meteorological research within the country at some point.
The first initiative to review lightning and thunderstorms in South Asia was taken in 2009 by SAARC Meteorological research facility at Agargaon, Dhaka under the Severe Thunderstorm Observations and Regional Modeling (STORM). Someshwar Das. I personally am fortunate to possess been ready to work with this team.

Among the eminent scientists and researchers of the lightning research team was Dr. from Bangladesh. Samarendra Karmakar, Sujit Kumar Debasharma, Dr. Nazrul Islam, Dr. Mahbub Alam, Dr. Md. Abdul Mannan, Dr. Abdullah Ilyas Akhter, Nazli Ferdousi, Dr. Md. Mizanur Rahman, Md. Majazul Alam government, said. Nazmul Ahsan, SM Abubakar Abdullah, Mohammad Rafiq Akand, Farhana Fakrun Nesha.
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Journal Bulletin of the American Met Society published in 2014 from the article "SAARC Storm" and SMRC published "Climatology of thunderstorms within the SAARC region", "Composer Characteristics from Norse published by Atmospheric Research Journal". Assimilation of Doppler Weather Data "is a singular early document of the mathematical model of weather within the region in thunderstorm research.
The irony and regret is that the SAARC Meteorological research facility (SMRC) is now defunct!

Professor and Chief Reporter of the planet Meteorological Organization's Meteorology and Climate Affairs. Consistent with Randall Cervini, modern technology can help to know the entire scientific aspect of lightning which will play a task in saving public life. Valuable information from technology and research is going to be helpful in determining the size of lightning and therefore the extent of mega-lightning, which is extremely important in engineering, safety, and scientific understanding.

In reality, the challenge is to save lots of lives and protect against accidents. Now the question is - when will we acquire the potential of early warning supported the time and place of lightning? And what is going to be the channel to succeed in this information to the affected people?
Awareness is required to guard public life from lightning accidents. Awareness requires reliable advance warning. Capacity building is required for reliable advance warning supported time and space. The key to proper competence is research and therefore the use of accurate modern technology.
With the mixture of Doppler radar, geographic information systems, and AI technology, it's possible to require precautionary measures against lightning in time and space. For this, the forecasting agency must have its own studio. Early warning of lightning, thunderstorms, tornadoes, etc. from this studio which may be broadcast within the public interest within the sort of Naocast half-hour to three hours beforehand.

If specific areas are possible through Doppler radar animation, mentioning the Upazila / union and instructing the general public to remain during a safe place for a half-hour to three hours during a row will make sure the safety of the many lives. Since lightning occurs for a brief time, it's possible to guard it by staying during a safe place for a half-hour to 1 hour.
Lightning protection rules - stay indoors, stay safe: the planet Meteorological Organization has advised to follow 30-30 rules to guard lightning. If the interval between lightning and thunderstorms is a smaller amount than 30 seconds, stay indoors. Wait half-hour inside after seeing the last flash of lightning and stop all work outside. Therefore, everyone has got to follow 30-30 rules to guard against lightning. Think for thyself, not for others. So to save lots of yourselves, follow the principles.


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