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From the times of quarantine: Life is as in jail.

Md. Shabbir Hasan Quarantine of Children The words that we'd hear in our trade or invocation. Currently, it's detected in our life daily. I pay for plenty of days. Guys, the foremost unpleasant word in recent times is quarantine. Let's return a touch due to the context. Once the internment began in the period, he did not suppose a lot of it. A day may be a mounted rule. move to work within the morning, take categories, move to school from there, then tuition once more — finally come back home in the dark. UN agency likes it. it absolutely was sensible to urge many days off. Though I used to be panic-stricken, I used to be quite happy. However, I did not very suppose that this joy would cause such a lot of pain and frustration. With the closure of everything, my employment wasn't overlooked. The oldsters of my students gave Pine Tree State leave. Though the scholars were happy, I used to be not happy. March 25, the last time the vacation was announced! Th

Speaking of my university life: The manner the sunshine shines and goes out.

Md. Shabbir Hasan University of  Dhaka The story of life is extremely various. Not everything will continually be aforementioned. We’ve got to attend for him for several days and lots of years. That is why my dedication... 1. Quality education is important for building an exquisite nation. It started in childhood. To grow the education germinated within the soft seed of data designed by the family with utmost care within the young mind of the kid, one should move to the tutorial establishment. Babyhood education. Then pedagogy. Progressing to faculty as a young person with a solid foundation. Additionally to tutorial education, adolescence should be socially orienting on the far side of the family. Society teaches ethical, humane, and harmonious life. Typical basic information of all subjects in tutorial establishments. The shop of data should be reinforced within the right manner with time. The education noninheritable by the stripling altogether the fundamental inf

Where does the horror end: When my turn?

Md. Shabbir Hasan Tense to world There is no hope for a second, the color joke will stop, if you shut your eyes ....2:30 p.m. the entire country is eagerly waiting to listen to the regular briefings of the Department of Health like yesterday. The Director-General started the briefing, ‘It is with great sadness that we are informed today that we've lost some more people like yesterday. Even today, like yesterday, the country features a record of identifying corona patients. 'But today he's a touch more serious than yesterday. He’s a touch emotional today. There’s a glance of pain on his face. Today he went on to mention statistics, ‘Where is that the end of this horror? Where will the procession of numerous bodies and deaths stop? ' On June 3, 2020, a piece of writing titled 'Man has become a robot' was published online by Prothom Alo. It’s said, ‘The world isn't alone, and everything during this world has the proper to measure as a person'

Own solar system: A new world in life.

Md. Shabbir Hasan Life is solar Once upon a time thought differing types of the world but never think suck. I will chew my fingers today. Teeth are gnashing. After exactly 10 minutes, the Nawabputra will need to buy the food and drink and hold a teleconference. Headquarters has been running for a month and a half today. Life has been unbearable since I entered the office inside the house. Gharakanna and job together mess. This Lakshmi pushed the pot, then during a moment believe Saraswati Sej Research. There ’ s child-rearing thereon. Other times the baby gets some help from the daddy. He doesn't have an opportunity now. Corona has got to attend the office a day of the week with tears in her eyes. So, being a ten-armed Durga alone, handling the ten directions, my mood nowadays rises to the seventh like that of mother Kali. If I could chase the people of the house with a trident in my eyes, I might get tons of peace. And the people in the house too. This is often s

The emergence of grass within the cracks of the rock: Have we observed?

Md. Shabbir Hasan Exclusive to nature Man is the greatest creation of God. Only God knows its mystery. In this world, men do the simplest work and again men do the worst work. I have been locked in reception since last March 20. I even have never seen such a tragic situation in my entire life. On May 31, the shadow of mourning suddenly descended on my very own family. My son-in-law, who was sort of a child, died of COVID-19 at a hospital in Dhaka at 5 am that day. I saw their helplessness within the death of this 42-year-old boy. Two children, a wife, and a mother were during a frenzy over excited|anxious hyped up" caught in a frenzy in a sea of mourning. Even at such a young age, he has done tons for the folk of their village Viralla at Devidwar in Comilla. To create a faculty, to create a mosque, to leap into the danger of the people. The success of his death is such even at such a young age he has left a signature of the many good deeds. I can't acce

The feeling of suffering of individuals who work hard: Purity of Life.

Md. Shabbir Hasan Life is extremely interesting. How many joys and sorrows, laughter and tears, the past of not being found within the memory page of life diary. There’s beautiful or ugly, rough reality. Success, failure. Thousands of experiences — good, bad; some are insensitive. Mixed experience. On the one hand, there's an excellent opportunity to mingle with the needy people of Bhukhananga and day laborers, on the opposite hand, there's an excellent opportunity to mingle with the highly qualified or wealthy people of the society. I remember the day laborers who worked hard to assist in times of danger. I also remember the people of Mooseball while studying at the university. People that exerting salute you, salute! Within the pursuit of life and livelihood, what's the daily work that's broken bones and diligence! What percentage - or can we realize it? Does one know the sensation of suffering of individuals who work hard? There’s pain is hard work, but t