Sense of Empathy in Coronation and concrete Life: Out of Imagine anything.

Md. Shabbir Hasan

And how much you'll make me cry like this, I will be able to fly to the sky with more tears. Two months have passed and that I am living a sort of saintly life by making the house an area of pilgrimage. From time to time I sit on the verandah with an expressionless face with a bushy beard, and once I see someone on the road, I feel frightened and call my wife and show her to the brave pedestrian. Although I'm happy in my mind to think that things could also be slowly returning to normal or that folks try to urge out of the house with a stubborn feeling.

In fact, the citizens who walk the town on foot a day are wanting to be a touch like before or to pretend to be jogging indoors after jump sneakers just like the uncle of the house nearby. Our city life is immersed during a strange whispering dilemma. A bit like the words of Arnab's song, 'The whole city is alert when the lights are on'.

For the educated class, if you do not act as a corona-conscious citizen on social media from home, you're getting to change state, once you leave, you've got to try to to it secretly, lest people call you stupid or ‘worker or not’! This democratic virus has left urban life during a strange 'difficult-not-easy' state. Meanwhile, in one corner of the town, someone is desperately trying to prevent rainwater with a leak of tin rice, while someone is sitting during a state-of-the-art studio, frustrated at not having the ability to seek out a partner to shop for a Netflix 5: 1 package.

In fact, the town is suffering from epidemics, some go bald and apply burn plant gel on their heads, some come to Facebook accept tears over the tragic (!) RG of opening a salon, some order 500 surgical masks online, and one dad from work a day. Carefully wash the mask of the 2 curtains of used cloth and shake it on the damp verandah where you've got never seen the sunshine.

During this corona period, another strange nuisance has started, which repeated hand is washing. Playing games all night, loading wallets with debit-credit cards, ordering pizza online, and taking a shower in Kalevadra, this new trend of cleanliness has become an enormous inconvenience for the urban millennial generation. Numerous parents complain that their children don't take a shower but wash their hands repeatedly. Anyway, a minimum of I didn't go down without explaining myself first.

In addition to me and my wife, there are 3 people in my story. Our home caretaker Wasim, Kusum; we've a maid and last but not least a skeleton dog. Wasim is extremely fickle naturally, she doesn't care much for Corona, on the opposite hand, and Kusum may be a very cold and realistic mother who has come right down to the battlefield with a shield and sword way back. And one rainy afternoon we met the dog, sitting awkwardly ahead of our collapsible gate. I used to be very keen on him. The hotels within the area, the tea stalls everything was closed, so it had been as if nothing was left on his forehead. So, hungry for food, he entered through the most gate of our house. Therefore the thing that happened was that our Wasim reacted tons when he saw him and began to chase him away. We stopped him and said, ‘Don’t stay. What is the problem? Wasim replied, "Sir, it's better to not mix an excessive amount of with animals, it is a bad Maya thing." The subsequent day, a weird scene unfolded, the dog guarding our house. He started giving and Wasim also started giving him food. Odin saw our Kusum enter and followed her very hard. I do not skills it had been possible, I went out and said to the dog, don't scare Kusum. If he saw Kusum from the subsequent day, he wouldn't do anything. However, everyone else within the flat took an interest during this dog, and everybody started spending a while with him. Through him, a way of empathy grew among our neighbors. Within the language of sociology, this is often called 'collective consignment'.

Being during a government colony has given me the chance to measure during a somewhat open environment. There are many trees around. There’s also some space inside the most gate of the house, where we planted some flowering plants last winter. Then you'll plant vegetables within the remainder of the place. That is what works. Needless to mention, my wife may be a soil scientist. Beat all, Sohaga is completely golden for cultivating vegetables. Raw peppers, eggplant, capsicum, turnips what proportion more! The funny thing happened when the topic of care came up. Here, too, is that the game of that sense of empathy. From time to time I see Wasim et al. within the flat watering the trees with care from behind the curtain. What an invisible bond was created during this turbulent time of the epidemic by a vegetable garden!

Kalbaishakhi is attacking from Bharadupur alone within the evening. Earlier, I saw a few of coconut leaves rushing through the Thai glass of the office and that I understood that Kalbaishakhi has started. Occasionally I might see the torment of Kalbaishakhi through the broken window of the bus returning home. For this reason, I didn't have the great fortune to enjoy Kalbaishakhi during this city life. At this point during this corona, I'm sitting within the armchair on the veranda of the house and watching the dawn. However, as I said before, there are a couple of trees around my house, notably mango trees. Within the future" at some point, I saw some big and little heads occupation the mango orchard in the storm. I noticed that mangoes were being picked up full force, some with pots, some with folds of covers, some with empty hands. It’s better to mention that there's a slum near our colony. What does one think? I called Wasim and told him to seek out out who they're. After a short time, Wasim stood ahead of my gate and mumbled, "Have you allowed them to select mangoes yourself?" I said quietly for a short time, well, you probably did well, but I might be happy to try to to it with our permission. Wasim surprised me and said, 'Sir, our dog's luck is best than theirs, his stomach is little and he gets three meals each day, the Amkuranis aren't getting three meals each day .' What moved me? In fact, life is extremely interesting which is extremely difficult to understand. Only we will recover from our social cooperation only. May Allah give us sense everywhere?


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