Speaking of my university life: The manner the sunshine shines and goes out.

Md. Shabbir Hasan
University of  Dhaka

The story of life is extremely various. Not everything will continually be aforementioned. We’ve got to attend for him for several days and lots of years. That is why my dedication...
Quality education is important for building an exquisite nation. It started in childhood. To grow the education germinated within the soft seed of data designed by the family with utmost care within the young mind of the kid, one should move to the tutorial establishment. Babyhood education. Then pedagogy. Progressing to faculty as a young person with a solid foundation. Additionally to tutorial education, adolescence should be socially orienting on the far side of the family. Society teaches ethical, humane, and harmonious life. Typical basic information of all subjects in tutorial establishments. The shop of data should be reinforced within the right manner with time. The education noninheritable by the stripling altogether the fundamental information is then waiting to flourish. Would like the next setting. Making ready to travel to college for this teaching.
University education is in fact completely different from secondary. There’s a requirement to adequately analyze the new things that are noninheritable by creating correct use of the accumulated information. You have got to develop yourself in free thinking. To play a powerful role in nation-building, one should acquire information in one's own field. ‘Come for information, quit for service’ is that the theme of the university. University for cosmology, world education.
There are medical, technical, and general universities for world level university education. The doors of those establishments ar receptive all for cosmology. However, you have got to contend to prove your reading ability. Admission war. The running started. And it's nationwide. From one finish to the opposite. Asian country is way ahead within the medical admission system. Admission check of virtually all the present medical faculties is finished along. is not that wonderful? Youngsters ought to run from one finish of the country to the opposite for admission in technical and general universities. As a result of the unit-based admission system, it's even harder for those seeking admission generally universities.
Really laborious. An outsized section of the population is underprivileged in Asian countries. Their lives grew up in decay. Additionally, to feat institutional information, they need several different things to earn a living at an early age. Though they need massive dreams in their minds, to require half within the university admission battle, they need to have confidence travel expenses, accommodation, and lots of different things. Additionally, the most concern for ladies is safety. There are unknown fears, WHO can pay for tuition if they survive the competition? The passer-by's eyes are full of tears. nonetheless the fearless the mind, the upper the top. You have got to contend.
Merit is the key to survival in fierce competition. One thing massive may be found with talent. WHO does not need to grow up? If they'll show the dreams of teenagers' lives, they're going to need to be terribly massive - scientists, teachers, engineers, doctors, writers, entrepreneurs, social employees, politicians, and lots of additional. Whether or not he's a young person WHO grew up in an exceedingly broken-down neighborhood or a member of the aristocracy or a slum within the town market.
Romance with education

The long-distance bus from a neglected city in North geographical region, that had run mutely that night, came to a halt at Gabtali in Dhaka. Then the winter dawn, the tip of 1995. a bunch of seven aspirants to the country's central university came to Gabtali and boarded a neighborhood bus. Successive day there's the admission check of the science department ‘A’ unit. They have to remain somewhere at midnight. One massive brother from Varsa space. The team set foot on associate unsure path within the heart of Duru Duru. They reach the destination. Shahidullah Hall. This is often the most building in red, and there are 2 extension buildings. He entered the massive extension building and knocked on a space on the fourth floor. What sensible luck! The handsome-looking brother greeted with a friendly smile! He additionally provided all the required help.
Admission check is as was common. 2 of the team from Mooseball passed. A friend professional can study within the department of physics. Pine Tree State to The admission of those 2 folks was completed within the initial year. this is often a famed university settled within the capital of the country. Dhaka University of Life. Then in 1996. I look into the gathering of the many red buildings full of splendid works of art that stand with pride in their glory. I will be able to keep within the notable Curzon Hall space. The trembling swing of nice joy then within the veins and sub-veins of the body. In molecules-atoms. Nonetheless, there's a lot of worry and uncertainty. Categories can begin. Life in Dhaka can begin.
Curzon Hall is that the school of Science, Biology, and Pharmacy within the space, wherever the first categories begin. This mantra within the crowd of the many students WHO are ahead in advantage. The newcomers from Moffsball were known as ‘Mofu’ for brief. This is often the name given to the smarts when admission within the university. There are additional names for such Bahari. Kalu, Pilu. At that point, faculty graduates were known by these names once they came to the university to try and do their masters. The group of smarts may be a bit dismayed. However, he wasn't afraid. Growing up within the open setting of the village, Mfud isn't afraid. Though restricted information suggests that fewer opportunities for intellectual observe. Categories have started at the university as was common. The rigorous theories of physics couldn't shake the cells of my barren brain. I registered within the department of chemistry next week, with a friend's professional.
I am a student of Fazlul Haque Hall on paper. Accommodation however not nonetheless there. I keep within the department for categories throughout the day and sleep at midnight if Shahidullah, life may be a bit floating. You’ll additionally get a golden ruminant, however, it's troublesome to induce a seat. It’s Dhaka University. About 30,000 students are here, and therefore the variety of halls is poor. However, I'm within the cluster of the many lucky ones. My 3 weeks of floating life at Shahidullah Hall came to associate finish with the hundred tries of that handsome ‘Pilu’ brother WHO was learning for a Masters in arithmetic. I got an area to remain in my very own hall.
I got an associate address in Dhaka. Room No. 2011, Fazlul Haque Hall. I sleep in a four-bed space, Database (two in one tiny bed). Official validity however not yet! Matters of demon possession or legitimacy were then negligible. You ought not to be a resident of the general public space, the coed politics leaders became invisible. Sonababu that quite this traveler! Masood Bhai of Rasayan organized this divinity house and official legitimacy. He the massive brother of the department, there ought no to offer thanks! Altogether danger these brothers ar like laborious umbrellas for the juniors within the gushing rain. I bow my head in feeling.
Language soldier

My science department initial year category started in 1996 at national capital University. Though I started learning physics, I listed in chemistry the subsequent week. I do not perceive mathematical equations and theoretical physics. However, I fancy reading the uninteresting chemistry, I perceive a small amount. At the school level the contribution of chemistry lecturers Israel Sir, Israfil Sir, and Akhtar Sir could also be. On my initial day of chemistry, I visited space No. two hundred of the Mokarram Science Building. There I saw forty-five young members of the chemistry family during this faculty. I actually have loads of fears, however additionally loads of pleasure. I sat on the rear bench with my classmates. Friend professional person and that I sat facet by facet.
A teacher with a brief stature with a rare temperament of significant nature entered the area range two hundred. Unexpected pin-drop silence in an exceedingly space jam-packed with the noise of young members. He’s academician Muhibur Rahman. Ph.D. Cambridge. He includes a keen memory. He’s an awfully gifted and powerful teacher. I observed that he's additionally the top of the department. Boss of chemistry. His teaching vogue is completely different. I used to be fascinated and listened to any or all his words. Have fun. Sadly, reading chemistry in my ignorant brain failed to perceive anything! Reprehension classmates, I want I do know little. a number of their classmates had a speech with Sir in English. I stared in surprise. They’re not smart! I spotted that they're extremely gifted, and loads of pack.
I unbroken a watch on the category schedule, succeeding hour on chemistry. Academician Quader Sir Ellen, a relaxed teacher with a smiling soft mind. Welcome to the academic department, he started talking. Chemistry is that the root of all science, he said. Learn it well. I do know I need to feel good! I'm a person of positive thinking. Several unknown things. Could also be frustrated, however not broken. When some words while not discussing the fundamentals, he took a flip within the discussion of the 'reaction mechanism' of chemistry. I failed to quit even with my restricted data. Celebrate on the topic. Be additional attentive. The start of feeling smart. This is often the last category of chemistry for a school friend professional person World Health Organization is terrified of the reaction mechanism! He later came to the academic department.
Madam Nishat, a gifted teacher at most levels of education, came to show chemical science. As lovely as she is, she is often smiling. Adolescents during this faculty, everybody checked out him with an affirmative. At one purpose in her identity, Madam said, her kids additionally visited university abroad. She is that the girl of Mofiz Sir, a widely known senior teacher. He should be terribly gifted. Top-quality, had loads of fun. It may be a method for lecturers to undertake to beat the worry of chemistry within the minds of scholars.
The main workplace of the Department of Chemistry is in an exceedingly red building in Curzon Hall. There are many laboratories for sensible chemistry. Chemistry Library. There’s additionally an outsized area. Curzon Hall may be a witness to history. The Chemistry area is one in all of them. The movement of all chemists (students of Chemistry, organic chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Microbiology) in 1998-1999 for the abolishment of Section thirteen (1) of medical specialty unilaterally culminated then. In universities across the country. At the request of the national capital University administration, bilateral discussions were command beneath the sturdy leadership of academician Muhibur Rahman within the presence of provocative students during this area jam-packed with chemistry.
Strict theoretical subjects of chemistry ar educated within the Mokarram building next to Doel Chattar. Lecturers are perpetually making an attempt to try to to one thing smart for the scholars within the department. He targeted on teaching students by increasing police investigation and dreaming of turning into a groundwork human. Teachers' seating offices and analysis labs are full swing.
Distinguished teachers and scientists awarded freedom in science and technology. This Mokarram building is known as when Mokarram Hossain Khandaker. This academician of sunshine directional chemistry was a celebrated scientist of physical and chemical science. Head of department World Health Organization has been answerable for a protracted time. He has additionally served because the Dean of the College of Science, national capital University.
Cultural mentality

It is plain that the scholars of national capital ar ahead in meritocracy thanks to the provision of teaching aids, an abundance of gifted lecturers, and monetary security. I saw that within the academic department.
Notre Dame Faculty and national capital faculty student’s ar a touch ahead, I additionally understood. Arduous perseverance is required to survive in competition with these smart students. Its gaining loads of momentum to bring parity with these smarts on its unknown tutorial subject of the years left behind. There are some troublesome problems within the current category.
I cry. The chest trembled with unknown worry. Somebody says, ‘Passer-by, don’t be afraid, get up.’ i buy up and pray within the house of prayer. Pray, offer Maine strength, Lord. Talk over with you before long and continue the nice content. They provide bravery.
‘Analytical’ Laboratory of chemical science. Flame test, charcoal treatment, titration, indicator-litmus, phenolphthalein, thymol, azo dye, alkyl radical red — these are all hobbies. Everything goes over your head. I do not perceive it. Dr. is one in all the 3 lecturers answerable of the laboratory category. Elmina Madam. Outspoken possesses a novel type. And delightful temperament. I saw all the illusions of a mother during this teacher sporting a veil. There are 2 angry professors with him — Dr. Altaf and his professor. Anwar. Finding confidence, I told Madam Etmina clearly my inability to grasp within the analytical work. Day by day I learned the matter from him very little} by little with absolute compassion. I actually have gained loads of confidence.
I fancy reading regarding chemistry. Some categories do not perceive in any respect. Even then I failed to miss any category. I actually have taken note of the themes educated by the lecturers. You’ve got to form clean notes of every subject one by one, I actually have learned by looking at. If this is often Fazlul Haque, then their ar senior Tajim Bhai, Raushan Bhai, Kamrul Bhai of identical department. They’re all initial in their several classes! Searching for opportunities to speak to them a touch. To mix. They’ll be smart students, smart folks, I hope. Yes, that is right. I got the prospect. The strategy to maneuver forward is that they need given bravery.
I don't miss any category. However, thanks to special reasons, I couldn't attend a category sooner or later. I suffered a special loss. I need facilitate from somebody World Health Organization is already referred to as an honest student. No, he failed to offer the category note. I felt terribly stubborn. That is smart. He really brought this MFU to the competition field while not his data.
I became additional targeted on perseverance. The day goes on. Step by step confidence will increase. Going away the rear row bench, I proceeded to the front row. Growing bravery. I raise additional and additional inquiries to the teacher at school. I caught the teacher's attention. Bidhata appears to possess detected. I fix the vision, I will win. And sooner or later I will be able to be an instructor during this university.
PM  with VP consulting.

The results came out at the tip of the primary year examination. okay done. Curzon walks alone. I needed to mention angrily and jubilantly, 'Stop if you can'. I will be able to not let my body float in joy, I will be able to burden myself. I did not have to appear back later. Interrupted. 2 friends lost Maine with 2 category notes. I used to be in peril, however, I failed to stop. when the second and third year, there was a time of fine ends up in BSc (Honors) examination. Sadly, I did not extremely lose that woman World Health Organization did not offer Maine category notes. He becomes my position within the initial and second.
Four (first to fourth) Dean's Awards in Chemistry from Curzon Hall college of Science are going to be bestowed. This is often the primary time. Arranging. Lima, Sadeq, Tushi, and Afrin can get onto. Thanks to his own state of mind, the gifted Mahbub mount, the World Health Organization had a stand on the national capital board within the past, failed to get this chance.
The Deans Award Ceremony started within the immense area of the Student-Teacher Center of national capital University. On the stage ar the Vice-Chancellor, Deans of assorted schools, and Heads of Departments. The area is full within the presence of lecturers, students, friends, parents, relatives. I additionally found Dr. Humayun Ahmed Sir, the pride of the state, and extremely fashionable at that point. Sir academician of Chemistry, especially his identity, this identity is initial of all to us! Blessed ar we have a tendency to. I listened to Sir, and took him among the United States of America and captured him on camera. He’s our inspiration. Always.
The geniuses say, ‘you may be annoyed by danger, don’t break down. Get up. Keep going, albeit it's lame. Do not be afraid. Have bravery Growl you'll be hurt by the pain of not having the ability to, keep strength in mind. Burn again. 'I have loads of respect for those geniuses.
For the youngsters of poor or bourgeoisie families, the fear of educational, accommodation, and food prices is on high of everything. I'm one in all the lower bourgeoisie. Within the pursuit of life, it had been necessary to master the juiceless subjects of chemistry furthermore on earn associate degree financial gain. Realize tuition in Kanye. It’s troublesome to urge tuition within the initial years of university. It is a matter of fate. Once you get onto, the acquaintance grows. It becomes easier to urge expertise and name next time. I'm within the lucky team. The misery of the oldsters failed to increase the burden of their suffering.
I have educated several students whereas learning during this national capital University. Then I used to be a non-public tutor. I study and find cash reciprocally. I actually have forever tried to stay myself ahead with arduous perseverance with sturdy morale. Appreciation as a lecturer has redoubled. The day an awfully high-level government official came to Fazlul Haque Hall to require the responsibility of teaching the boy learning in national capital faculty and took him away, his certainty redoubled persistently. At one stage, he started teaching university students.
Along the approach, on the one hand, I actually have mingled with the poor, the hungry and also the day laborers, on the opposite hand, I actually have had the wondrous chance to mingle with the extremely qualified or rich folks of the society. Mixed expertise — feeling smart, feeling dangerous.
How much I got on the ricksha to check. Ahh, what a fun vehicle he's. He accustomed cut price with the ricksha puller whereas fixing the fare, however when reaching the destination, he accustomed provides a nice many thanks and a few more money. Then it changes their look and behavior. I checked out them and saw the amiable smile of happiness in their eyes. I actually have enjoyed this smart feeling. Many, many times. It's nice to ascertain people's smiling faces.
Education with Nature

Walk the trail of life and are available back to the memory again and again of the favorite campus Curzon Hall. That chat of chemistry isn't anymore today. Where are those golden days lost! No more today. Not really. Where are our friends? I'm scattered within the country and abroad. Alim, the king of words, lives in a big apple. Mahbub, Sadeq, Rajiv, and Lima in Canada. Sweet girl Afrin lives in Australia. Hakim and Tushi are a chemistry duo in Japan. Little Munir and also the quiet Rahul sleep in Korea.
The unconscious talented Mahbub of that point, good student Lima, eloquent Bahadur, outspoken Lumbini, silent Rahul, Sweet Rosie are all university teachers. All of them have PhDs. Who is behind? That intellectual Hakim, angry girl Tushi, Kishoreganj's Pola Matin, Chhotaku Munir, smart boy Rajib are all PhDs. The author of this story, Alavola Sadeq, is additionally within the same group, in fact, he has been a doctor before all. Sweet smile index and funky girl Nadia is doing research in Ph.D.
Mithu, Ashiq, Masum, Manik, Jewel, Rafiq, and plenty of others are within the management of other banks including Bangladesh Bank. Within the chemical and pharmaceutical sector, there are short-spoken Titu, Cadet Rokon, Sadahasya Rachel, Nadir, Shant Mahbub, Bhabuk Shahid, Adil, the poet Kader and lots of others. Genius Pradeep, Bhadra's son Kazim, Sadahasya Ripak, Bhadra's son Nirmal, and Tukhor in English are the revolutionaries in secondary level teaching. Beautiful Linda could be a speech and language pathologist. Solomon on TV. Nadia may be a quiet girl within the army.

We have been together for about seven years. Ah what fun those days! Nah that chat is not anymore today. Feeling good, feeling bad, friendship, monogamy were all ours. There was also love. The chemistry of affection between Lima and Rajeev has been successful. Hakim and Tushi weren't far behind, they also built a house happily and peacefully. This Alavola storyteller boy also understood the chemistry of affection fine. The junior chemist got along to induce on with life.
Ah, all those days! Today we aren't near the truth of life. What's in it! We’ve the department of chemistry of life, there'll be. New ones are coming, will are available in the longer term too. They are available with many dreams. Those dreams see the face of sunshine. Some dreams are buried within the black claws of selfish quarters. The victim is born within the mud. I also cry sometimes.
Those seven years of Dhaka University life are on the pages of memory. 1997 to 2002. There was happiness and sorrow, laughter and tears. I got an education, I got good results. We’ve got acquired conscience, intelligence, experience, familiarity, and therefore the strength to survive in competition. There are imperfections, very big imperfections. Imperfections wet with endless tears.
My dream cherished very carefully. Sooner or later I will be able to be a coach during this Dhaka University. Nor did that dream come true. After finishing MSc, I flew out of the country. I completed my doctoral research at the University of Tokyo with a scholarship from the govt of Japan. There are such a big amount of opportunities, research, jobs in Tokyo. Nah not there, my dream is in Dhaka University of my life. I ran the country, again and again. a complete of thrice (2008 to 2009). Trying to be a chemistry teacher. There doesn't appear to own been any qualification error. Didn't, for unknown reasons. What’s the support of Professor Kitahara and Professor Watanabe, two famous chemistry teachers of the famous University of Tokyo! They wrote letters and e-mails on behalf of me to everyone within the selection committee, including the VC, Dean, and Chairman.
I have been disappointed again and again trying to become a lecturer at Dhaka University. For the third time, I stood at the Curzon Hall of Life and soaked my clothes with endless tears. The bottom water of Curzon Hall has also been soaked within the spilled water. A young teacher within the academic department was standing next to him. I've got entrusted the judgment to the Creator, He must bear in mind of everything. Didn't break. There’s a powerful moral to not die before death.
Beautiful campus

The teaching of speaking, the teaching of caste, the teaching of principles and ideals all come from the family. A human child, you may get older. You be frustrated by any danger, but don't break down. You get up. Keep going, whether or not it's lame. Do not be afraid, have courage. You roar! You’ll be hurt by the pain of not having the ability to, keep strength in mind. You burn! Make your morale stronger, never die before you die. You’ve got the strength to survive the competition. You can, you can. In bad times, the faces of the many brave and talented people float in my eyes. Close your eyes, think. After all, you'll see those brave and talented people around you. Isn't that so? Just a living story, if any wrong just forgive me.


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