The emergence of grass within the cracks of the rock: Have we observed?

Md. Shabbir Hasan
Exclusive to nature

Man is the greatest creation of God. Only God knows its mystery. In this world, men do the simplest work and again men do the worst work.

I have been locked in reception since last March 20. I even have never seen such a tragic situation in my entire life. On May 31, the shadow of mourning suddenly descended on my very own family. My son-in-law, who was sort of a child, died of COVID-19 at a hospital in Dhaka at 5 am that day.

I saw their helplessness within the death of this 42-year-old boy. Two children, a wife, and a mother were during a frenzy over excited|anxious hyped up" caught in a frenzy in a sea of mourning. Even at such a young age, he has done tons for the folk of their village Viralla at Devidwar in Comilla. To create a faculty, to create a mosque, to leap into the danger of the people. The success of his death is such even at such a young age he has left a signature of the many good deeds.

I can't accept his death in the least. What percentage more miserable people would have benefited if they had survived. He stole the hearts of the many acquaintances and strangers and fled. Maybe at some point, the vaccine is going to be discovered, the drugs will begin, and people will conquer Corona. We’ll accept hope expecting that day.

There is only a touch of comfort in nature. Looking outside, nature has matched itself with a generous hand. There’s no poverty. I check out the sky through the window sill, she is tirelessly changing her form. Sometimes the sky is obviously blue, sometimes it's filled with clouds, and sometimes it's raining with thick black clouds all around. Standing on the south verandah, I saw the black-crowned tree blossoming and turning red. Shimul and Palash are falling. Mango within the branches of the mango. Within the west window, Pieris rapae flowers are spreading sweet fragrance within the neem. In the meantime, purple jarul flowers have started blooming.

Only people aren't good. In the meantime, special days like Bengali New Year, Rabindranath's birth anniversary, holy Eid-ul-Fitr, Buddhapurnima, Nazrul's birth anniversary have passed. We couldn't gather and sing in an open voice. Dr. left. Personalities like Anisuzzaman and Jamilur Reza Chowdhury. At other times, many people flocked to the streets on their last journey. They also said goodbye in silence.

We are the simplest creatures of creation! Our ego grew so big that we sat right down to explore nature. Its hard price is now being paid behind. We wanted to evict nature and found out factories. Now the people themselves are being evicted. Even within the brick-wood-stone civilization, we didn't care about the tiny grass that has got to be allowed to grow, the butterflies and grasshoppers need to be allowed to fly colorful wings. I remember talking about Rabindranath:
Who is big, who is little
Whose victory, whose defeat
Whose growth, whose decay?
Racism of Life
We made an error. Our youngsters will surely correct him. we do not want to ascertain the ruins of Iraq, we do not want the war in Syria, we do not want the brutality of Yemen, we do not want to kill people of various religions in Myanmar, we do not want to ascertain the frozen body of a toddler on the beach, we do not want to ascertain anyone dies for being black.

Throughout the ages, the thoughts of writers, researchers, scientists, naturalists, human rights activists, and theologians have rained down on mankind. We could just chant their names? Don’t hear their words?
May humanity win? Vasuki world in new joy.many words create in our mind repeatedly but only God knows its basicity. So keep yourself good and help others.


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