Where does the horror end: When my turn?

Md. Shabbir Hasan
Tense to world

There is no hope for a second, the color joke will stop, if you shut your eyes ....2:30 p.m. the entire country is eagerly waiting to listen to the regular briefings of the Department of Health like yesterday. The Director-General started the briefing, ‘It is with great sadness that we are informed today that we've lost some more people like yesterday. Even today, like yesterday, the country features a record of identifying corona patients. 'But today he's a touch more serious than yesterday. He’s a touch emotional today. There’s a glance of pain on his face. Today he went on to mention statistics, ‘Where is that the end of this horror? Where will the procession of numerous bodies and deaths stop? '

On June 3, 2020, a piece of writing titled 'Man has become a robot' was published online by Prothom Alo. It’s said, ‘The world isn't alone, and everything during this world has the proper to measure as a person's being. We’d like them to survive. We’d like them too. 'The touch of mechanics within the mechanical city has diminished tons. New epics are being created. However, many horrors are coming from age to age. Very similar to nature is showing us its aggression. Showing that this death procession isn't to be stopped. The death procession will move forward at a gentle pace.

According to the planet Health Organization, we are now within the first stage of this epidemic. But did they provide us a sort of warning - take care. Yet the horror is simply beginning. The town is being mechanical. As if we also are becoming mechanical. I'm doing injustice to nature. Somewhere it is often heard that somebody is lowering trees, while others are killing innocent animals. Again, some are questioning their own awareness during the epidemic. However, at the top of the day, the horror is at the top of the way? Everyday identification and death records are in and out of the country. Not yet aware? Isn't it time to finish the horror shoulder to shoulder with nature?

Helpless animal under men

By our own actions, we could also be ready to build a replacement morning again. Again we will see the new sun, where there'll be no social distance. I can hug all my friends and say no. Now everything is over. Everything is ok. The world has matched its green to us again. Looking forward to such a fearless beautiful morning. God bless us all.


  1. Bdhiyan hai... lakin apne ad ko change kro q ki aise koi person dobara nhi aana chahega,10 baar site open kiya maine phir ek baar hua


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